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Exercise equipment reinvented

Find another way to get fit
Find another way to get fit
Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

You’re up watching a late night TV infomercial hawking the latest and greatest fitness gadget that promises you the body of your wildest dreams. Seduced, you grab up the phone to buy it…only to throw it away after a few weeks when it doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Remember the Shake Weight? Yeah, that belongs in the trash, although the infomercial itself was pretty popular.

Don’t despair. There is new fitness equipment that rises well above the norm. This and more is featured at the Idea World Fitness Convention 2014.

Some of the best and brightest fitness minds have taken their time to talk to Examiner to help guide you.

No Shake Weight in sight, just equipment that can deliver as promised.

Picking up the slack- Gibbon Slacklines

Jaime Lynn Pletcher - Gibbon Slacklines/ BYA Sports

Remember Madonna’s Super Bowl 2012 half-time show with that madman doing earth defying flips and spins on a Slackline? Click here for a reminder. It’s pretty incredible.

According to Jamie Pletcher, Madonna is not the only one wowed by Slacklines “Tony Horton of P90X fame, David Wise the Olympic Freestyle skier and numerous other pro skiers, snowboarders, and runners have adopted Slacklining as part of their fitness routine.”

But what is Slacklining?

“Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees. Originating in the climbing world, Slacklining has evolved into a cross trainer, backyard activity and sport all of its own.

“Slacklining helps with eye-foot coordination, and it’s beneficial for balance, strength, and stabilization. It’s great for cross-training, but also for doing body weight exercises,” says Pletcher.

Check out more about Slacklining here. It’s pretty cool.

Train Smarter - The SmartFlex™ Resistance Bar

Jon Bailey - Owner

“The SmartFlex™ is the world’s first spring-loaded resistance bar with internal, adjustable, weights. No training tool better combines versatility, portability and effectiveness.

“It’s a warm-up tool, workout tool and wellness tool – all in one. It’s lightweight and compact and requires no anchor and no installation. The SmartFlex “turns on” muscles and lubricates joints for quick improvements in mobility, flexibility, strength, stability & pain relief. It’s corrective exercise at its best.

“By recruiting multiple muscle groups at once (including many inactive ones you wouldn't ordinarily know how to activate) The SmartFlex helps combat the detrimental effects of today’s sedentary lifestyle. If sitting is the new smoking – SmartFlex is the new cold turkey.

“This product eliminated my severe lower back pain and sciatica and has helped countless others conquer their pain too. Scalable drills help retrain the collective synergistic function of all muscles, improving multiple components to perform at a higher level and diminish injury potential. A lot of products promise fast results. We guarantee it.

“The SmartFlex™ is used by trainers, physical therapists, professional and Olympic athletes, Federal Law Enforcement and everyday people, " says Bailey

If this works for them, it will work for you too. Find out more right here.

Play with the sand- SandRope™ Battle Rope

Dirk Buikema, President, Hyperwear®

“I used to own a functional training facility. We had ropes and I loved to work out with them. However we did small group training and the ropes took up a lot of space, limiting the number of people that could be using them.

“So what I wanted to do was pack the weight and action of a 50’ battle rope into something much shorter that does not even have to be anchored. The big battle ropes weigh about 30 lbs. so I created a 10 ft. neoprene tube filled with sand.

“We include an optional anchor too so you can do the traditional battle rope exercises but in 10 feet of space.

“This makes the SandRope™ a practical product for the home, apartment and outdoors, giving the at-home fitness consumer an incredible cardio, core and strength work out,” says Buikema.

Now that is thinking outside the sand box. Find out more right here

See these innovations and more at the Idea Fitness Convention.

Now, turn off that television and all those infomercials and go have some fun.

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