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Exercise Equipment and Child Safety


The recent tragedy to Mike Tyson’s daughter taught us an important lesson; exercise equipment and children do NOT go hand in hand. Unfortunately the Tyson family bears the burden for this lesson and faces the loss of a child.

No blame should be placed here. Maybe the mother had instructed the children not to use the equipment and had stepped out to the restroom? There could be one hundred "what ifs". We will never know for sure – however we do know some added precautions that can be taken to help prevent this type of tragedy.

Below are some steps you can take to help make sure your exercise equipment is not a threat to your children.

1.) Teach your children that exercise equipment are not toys. Although they may look cool, fun, new and enjoyable to ride or play on they have a specific use and are not a toy.
2.) Do not scare them away from exercise. Another helpful suggestion - use your exercise time to get your kids to workout. Childhood obesity is now at an alarming rate. Children should stay away from weight lifting – it may be needed for rehab by a trained professional. But is should not be used as a general practice. Instead use pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups and other body weight exercises for your children.
3.) Keep bands and jump ropes in a place where they are not accessible to children. These items can easily be caught around a child’s neck and lead to suffocation.
4.) Make sure weights are un-racked after use and stored properly. Check weight stacks to ensure they can not be tipped over and onto a child.
5.) Keep as much equipment as you can out of children’s reach. 

Rest in peace Exodus - you left this world far too early but your passing will be remembered forever.