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Exercise and fitness tips: Why stretching is important

Today more and more people have set an exercise routine to keep fit. Fitness is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping in shape from head to toe. It doesn’t make a difference if you exercise at a gym, spa or in your home you are working to strengthen, condition and build up your body’s core especially the muscles. The muscles in the body and are responsible for supporting its structure which provides stability in all we do.

Exercise and fitness tips

When we were younger we were able to just jump into a routine, play games, run and do all sort of activities that may or not be considered exercises without having to do a series of stretches beforehand. Now that you’ve grown older and the body is fully developed many changes have taken place and with a routine before the actual exercises things can go wrong.

Tips why stretching is important before exercising:

Stretching improves your daily performances because your muscles are more flexible. This flexibility diminishes the older you get making simple tasks such as lifting packages, bending or even tying your shoes more difficult. Doing simple stretching exercises first will provide more flexibility for the muscles and a better range of motion for your joints giving your body better balance and coordination as well as keeling you mobile and lowering your risk of falls and injuries.

Stretching increases the flow of blood to the muscles. When the blood flows properly in the muscles after they are flexed for a while it enables more nourishment to be brought to them, it can also help remove waste byproducts from the muscle tissues, improve circulation and shorten the length of time it takes to recover from an muscle injuries.

Muscles that are tight or tense will relax when doing stretching movements. While the stretching is in progress the body will feel a decrease in stress from those tight and tense muscles.

Stretch it all out before your exercise and benefit from its effects all day!

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