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Exercise and diet are key for arthritis sufferers

Rheumatoid arthritis takes a toll on a number of seniors and many feel like nothing brings any relief.

The fact that many seniors are overweight and out of shape doesn't help. The battle of the bulge wreaks havoc on their joints. It takes many of them nearly an hour to take a walk than an average person could make in five minutes.

The options for arthritis sufferers are few and in between. They can take prescription medications with potentially harsh side effects or get to eating right and exercising to ease their aching and inflamed joints.

Some of the most helpful exercises for seniors are water aerobics, Tai Chi and yoga. These exercises are known to put less stress on the joints, while maximizing flexibility and strength.

When it comes to eating, turning to a diet high in veggies and low in red meat is best. Others have became vegetarians or dabbled in herbal therapies.

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