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Exercise and childcare

Exercise is an important component to health
Exercise is an important component to health

Many parents find that their physical fitness habits take a hit when they have children. Pregnancy and caring for young children makes it difficult to exercise regularly. It is during this time that many parents are emotionally stressed and gain weight. Exercise provides emotional balance for many people, it is just difficult at this time to do it.

Many parents try to keep the exercises and routines that they had prior to having children. When this doesn’t work they quite often end up getting no exercise at all. The better strategy is to try to stay in shape using new routines so that when the children are older you can resume the exercise routines that you enjoy. There are a couple of strategies for making time to exercise when dealing with small children.

First try to set an example for the children. Children should see their parents exercising and having fun. This positive role modeling will help the child have a positive relationship with exercise in the future.

Exercise with your child. Depending on the child’s age, there are home exercise and dance videos for children. There is no rule that says parents can’t join in the fun. It may not be the type of exercise video a parent would like, but a routine of doing a kids exercise video is better than not exercising at all. Jogging strollers and parent and child martial arts, yoga and swim classes are other examples of ways to exercise with your child.

Think of cleaning as exercise. Find ways to make your cleaning chores aerobic. Try to see how much cleaning you can get done while a child naps. Racing a child to complete tasks, like picking up toys, can be very aerobic.

Park your car at the far end of parking lots. Finding an open space a long way from the doors of a store gives you a nice walk and burns some of the energy out of restless children before they get into the store.

Exercise while raising small children can be difficult- but it is not impossible. Exercise is one of the best self help wellness medicines available. Adding regular exercise can make it easier to deal with the stresses of child care, the trick is finding a way to make exercise a part of the life style of the whole family.

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