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Exercise and a child’s mind

The writer's daughter getting ready to go to school
The writer's daughter getting ready to go to school
Lance Becvar

Well summer is about half over and you child or children will soon be returning to school. The writer hopes that most children are getting plenty of exercise, from running, swimming, nature walks or any kind of sports activity. However if for some reason or reasons your child or children are not getting enough exercise here are more reasons to encourage your child to exercise more and that has to do with improving his or hers learning potential as well as preparing them for the many challenges they will face growing up.

Recent studies show that children that regularly exercise tend to have better memory retention, stronger circulatory systems and have the ability to stay focused on educational tasks. Even children with learning disabilities can benefit from more exercise in their daily lives. The writer’s take on children and exercise is this, as adults and parents we always need to help them develop healthy habits. Showing kids that regular exercise can not only improve their health now but later in life as well is the key here. For example kids tend to have very little tolerance for waiting for things; the writer’s daughter is no exception to the rule. Now take your kid or kids on a long walk, bicycle ride or run. Yes give them breaks along the way, but encourage them to go the distance, such as mile or mile and half, any distance long then they may not be used to. The writer has encouraged his daughter to walk to the local library many times and she has for the most part tolerated it. This exercise can help your children or child develop tolerance and inner strength when they may need it, for example waiting in line at a store, event or any activity where they may have to wait their turn. A second way the writer feels exercise can help your child or children is through adaptation.

For example there are going to be times in your child or children’s life when they will have to adapt to change because of disruption in their lives. This disruption can be the result of environmental or health reasons. The writer himself has had to adapt to change many times especially when he had a physical injury. When the writer has injured his knee or back he had to found a way to exercise or walk using different muscles or limbs. Your child or children may also need to find a different way to accomplish a feat using different parts of their bodies or when they are in school they may have to use different items at school to complete their work or project. In addition your child or kids may have to take a different route to school or home and they may have to find a different path to get there. But the main point is that exercise can mean so much more to a child’s life then just getting fit, it could have life changing rewards for them later on. For more information please contact the writer through his web site, . In addition please click on the links below for more information on fitness and how it can help your child.