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Exercise: an important part of working from home

Don't let yourself go when working from home
Don't let yourself go when working from home
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Working from home can sometimes make you forget the importance of getting up and moving around. A lack of mobility can not only cause health problems, but also concentration problems. Ultimately it can affect your work.

You can change this by setting aside some time every day for exercises. Always follow your doctors orders, and never do more than you feel you can handle. The exercises don't have to be complicated, simply going outside and doing a few laps around your house or around the block will have a wonderful effect.

Your body would you even if you only do some basic stretches. When you move, your blood circulates more. This allows more clarity in your thought, as well as, keeps your joints and muscles limber.

Fresno had several places to workout. Before committing to a gym check around, and find one that suits your needs. Ask the following questions:

  • Do they offer the types of equipment that interests me?
  • Do they offer classes that I may want to take?
  • Can I afford the registration and monthly cost?

Some local gyms:

Yellow Pages listing other fitness centers

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