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Executives say stress is top issue blocking productivity

Executives say stress is top issue blocking productivity.
Executives say stress is top issue blocking productivity.
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In a health survey from Watson Wyatt Worldwide of 275 employers stress was identified as the number inhibitor to productivity. They found 72% of the employers as a key issue blocking the productivity of their employees.

As employees are being expected to increase the workload of employees in order to remain competitive stress has been building in most workplaces. Specifically, employees have been asked to take on additional responsibilities, work longer hours, cross train with other departments, and do more multitasking.

Other items identified in the survey:

  • Personal and family issues, 59%
  • Chronic medical conditions, 58%
  • Unscheduled absences, 56%

Personal and family issues include such items as day care, family illnesses, marital stress, financial troubles, and other personal issues. Unscheduled absences create additional work for the employees that are in attendance.

Stress becomes an issue because so many people are unable to deal with stress. A certain amount of stress is necessary and an important part of daily life. However people often will ignore this routine stress until it amplifies and starts to take a toll on their life – and an organization’s productivity!

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