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Executive producer reveals more spoilers about ‘Resurrection’

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The executive producer of “Resurrection” is giving limited spoilers about upcoming episodes of the ABC hit. TV Guide reports on March 12 that Michele Fazekas is sharing the show will have more people return, but they may not be embraced by their families. In addition, she hints that some of the people who are resurrected may have hidden agendas.

Fazekas explains “Resurrection” is interested in sharing how people handle their second chances, but the show will explore other aspects of the return of the dead. In the first episode, two people came back to their families, and the executive producer mentions this is only the beginning.

The return of Jacob and later Caleb appears to usher in major changes in the town of Arcadia. However, the secrets surrounding their resurrection will not be the only focus of the show. Samaire Armstrong, who plays Elaine Richards, shares the show will be able to explore the questions surrounding the return of the town members.

The theme of second chances will be a prominent part of “Resurrection,” and the second episode promises to continue to explore it. Agent J. Martin Bellamy, who is played by Omar Epps, will be asking more questions as he demands to see the grave of Jacob while Caleb is having a hard time remembering his own death. Fazekas warns viewers that some of the people who return from the dead may not be good.