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Executive Golf's indoor ladies league puts fun first

Warming up and catching up before the round begins.
Warming up and catching up before the round begins.
Ron Patey

This one is for the ladies, and only the ladies.

Executive Golf’s Ladies Indoor League on Monday Nights at Golf-O-Max is a guy-free zone where the gals hang out with friends, make new friends, get in some exercise and play for the fun of playing.

“It's a social league, designed to help the ladies stay or get into shape and learn a bit about the game in a non-competitive fashion,” said Melissa Ruigrok, the league’s co-ordinator.

“We’ve found that once women give it a try they usually become return players and many even become EG members. We have a lot of fun and learn from each other. It’s not always all about the golf. It’s just a night out with the ladies.”

The league doesn’t require a season long commitment. When players can make it, they make it. All that’s needed is to contact Ruigrok at to alert her as to who plans to attend so she can get everyone set up in groups and layout the snacks of popcorn and nibble candy.

Although the league has been built on a have-fun-first foundation, the ladies can also earn points for achieving success while swinging their clubs.

Some of the categories include receiving a point for attendance, five points for inviting a friend along, one point for sinking a putt, and the players posting the highest and lowest scores chalk up one point each.

“We are always looking for new ladies to join us at the Golf-O-Max Indoor Golf Club at 1050 Baxter Rd.,” Ruigrok said. “We’ll be playing each week until March 4.”

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