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Executive Coaching Programs Provide Growth and Opportunity

Quantum Endeavors Coaching Programs
Quantum Endeavors Coaching Programs

Whether learning from a pro such as Ann Farrell, or taking a self-directed coaching program such as The Success Principle, or simply spending time with popular books such as Good to Great or Influencer, executives and individuals everywhere are working at being better employees and people.

Executive coaching alone has become a rather large business during the last couple of decades. The desire for executives to do an ever-increasingly better and more effective job with less time and fewer resources continues to be the mantra in today’s corporate world. And, it does not appear that this will change anytime soon.

Executives at all levels are under pressure to perform, often working long days and throughout the weekends. Many of the best executives can become overwhelmed as they have obligations both in and out of the workplace. It is not uncommon for executives to lose balance and put more attention on their work life than their personal or family life. It is also not uncommon for executives to become stuck at a certain stage in their career without the time to figure out why they are not getting where they want to go.

All of these situations are viable reasons to seek out an executive coach. However, the challenge comes in finding one that has the skills and abilities to help an executive achieve their goals while also creating an environment in which an executive feels comfortable.

Ann Farrell of Quantum Endeavors is well-versed in the challenges of finding a quality executive coach. She founded Quantum Endeavors in 2006 after a very successful corporate career of her own. In fact, Ms. Farrell has the unique distinction of being the only women to rise from an entry-level position to Vice President in her company’s 30 year history.

Her work experience as well as her understanding of the corporate world led Ms. Farrell to design and build a coaching company that would meet the needs of executives everywhere. Her coaching programs are based on the concept of engaging leaders at their best and providing them with the skills and tools they need to accomplish their goals. Ms. Farrell has been quite successful in her work and has many coaches who will attest to her skills and dedication.

Ms. Farrell is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and has earned Professional Certified Coach credentials with the International Coaching Federation, one of less than 1,500 coaches worldwide to hold this distinction. She is Toplinked with over 1,800 connections. Special niches include professional women, leadership development, and emotional intelligence.


Amy Leigh, Writer / Marketing and Communications Specialist, works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and Fortune 50 companies. Her articles appear on and offline on popular websites and in renowned journals; she specializes in Article Marketing, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and the development of Passive Income Streams. Contact Amy at



  • Jim Mayer 5 years ago

    Coaching is about empowering change while consulting is about directing it. Increasingly, specialties are developing in coaching whether Life coaching, Small Business coaching, Health and Fitness coaching and others.

    We are experimenting with the notion of business doctoring by coaching smaller and entrepreneurial businesses to gain confidence, knowledge and tools to achieve change to give a second life to their businesses. For more information: contact Jim:

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