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Excuses don't save lives.

I did not set out to have six dogs and loads of stray cats I feed on a daily basis. I do it because I feel a deep rooted, moral obligation to help those in need of food and water and kindness. How hard is it for us to slow down and step out of our comfort zones and do the smallest act of kindness for other living creatures big or small, human or non human? when that simple act of kindness could mean the difference between life or death to so many who have not had anything to eat or drink in days or weeks. Have we all become so self absorbed in our own lives that we no longer care about the lives of many we share this world with? Is it so easy to just drive right on by an animal wandering the streets that is obvious to us is starving or hurt? Do they not breath? Do they not feel hunger or thirst the way we would if we had nothing to eat or drink for days or weeks. Is their pain not enough to drive us to help them any way we can? For many in our world it is just so easy to look the other way or to look and just not care. Why do we elect leaders only to have them not do the jobs we want them to and instead of trying to get them out just become complacent to them not doing their jobs at all? to stay silent is not helping to change anything it is only adding to the problem at hand. We must all accept our part in what is taking place in our world, it is not only the fight of a few it should be the fight of us all to each and every day try to stand up for something that needs changing for the better, even if we think in our own minds our lives are perfect, life might not be so perfect for others and we must accept that we share this world together so we must fight to make it better for all. There are so many in need of help and so many who could help in so many ways and instead choose not to do anything at all. That is what I find the saddest that those with the platform to make huge waves and have their voices heard by thousands or even millions choose instead to use their platforms for more selfish gains. Do most of us even know statistics of our own shelter systems for the very towns we live in? No child or animal should ever live in fear or hunger or pain and until we are all willing to share responsibility for each and every child or animal that is living in fear or hunger and pain, nothing is ever going to change for those children or animals. We can give back in so many ways but it has to start with each and every one of us. I will never accept that it has to be any other way. I will never give up on fighting for equality of life for us all. Will you? Please adopt, donate, share, write, call, many ways you can fight for injustice for the lives of others, you just have to open your heart and put yourself in the place of someone not as blessed as you might be and for a glimpse see what they feel for most of if not their entire lives and ask yourself then what can you do to help? Imagine the happiness you and your caring could bring into the life of another living creature or child by simply showing you care. There is no excuse for any child or animal to be homeless only the excuses we make so we find it easier to sleep at night or justify others doing all the fighting. This is our world and we must care for it and all the life on it together. One day it might be you someone is choosing to drive right on by regardless of the condition you look like you are in. When that one moment of kindness could have saved your life if they had chosen to stop and care. Please pay kindness forward before what comes around goes around in your own life.