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Exclusive: 'The Queen Latifah Show' tickets to TV taping offers freebies and fun

The Queen Latifah Show ticket holders line up in the Sony parking garage and patently wait to be escorted to the set for a live taping. One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood is the free tickets available for this popular daytime show. Everyone should go as Queen Latifah and her staff treats fans like royalty. The taping might only be for one show, but the experience to watch daytime television live is epic. According to the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, BET acquired the repeat rights of The Queen Latifah Show for airing during the network's late-night talk block. Taking an afternoon to check out the show, I personally went to see an episode this week for this exclusive article and found myself caught up in all the fun. Queen Latifah knows how to treat her fans!

The Queen Latifah Show tickets offer fans a front row seat of live taping. And it is FUN!

The fans arrive early to check-in. After trekking across the studio lot and clearing security, the excitement begins. The show makes everyone feel at home. Thinking of the little things that make the experience delightful, the show offers up freebies. First, there is free Wi-Fi and then free drinks and snacks. This feels more like a friendly outing than a television show taping, but that’s not all as a free copy of Queen Latifah's album is given out after the show too.

The show encourages everyone to pull out their cell phones and get social while in the holding area. Online media is helping the success of the show so the Wi-Fi is perfect to send out the pictures. Selfies with the Queen Latifah cut out are popular and bragging to friends online about being at the taping is encouraged.

Once the audience starts streaming into the talk show set, the phones go away but the fun continues. Getting into assigned seats, the audience is moved around to look perfect and then Bridget McManus, the funny warm up lady, reminds everyone to clap and smile.

Queen Latifah comes out and the crowd jumps to their feet. Her focus might be on the show and the guests, but she never forgets the fans who are in the audience. Talking to people and posing with audience members to take selfies, the star makes time during the breaks.

The time to tape each segment breezes by fast and the live audience is part of the show's energy. Guest after guest comes out and Queen Latifah is on the top of her game. Interviewing, chatting and giving the audience time to respond, the perfection seen live has fans in awe of this celebrity. She knows just how to strike a perfect balance to make the show flawless. After taping each segment the star keeps the fans in mind by talking with audience members. Once Queen Latifah has finished her show, but not before her staff gives out more free t-shirts, and she thanks everyone for coming and disappears.

It’s a wrap. Another successful show taped in front of a live audience. The fans go home happy with a chance to watch the show at home and there is a good chance their smiling face was caught on camera.

Now that BET picked up The Queen Latifah Show for the late-night line up, fans should not be surprised this daytime talk show is around to stay. For visitors who want to see a live television show in Los Angeles or locals looking to see a great live TV taping being offered in the area, The Queen Latifah Show is the place to go and the tickets are free.

The Queen Latifah Show is an experience that fans will never forget. Seeing a celebrity has never been so easy and catching a glimpse of how television works is very cool too. Fans walk away after the show with a whole new respect for Queen Latifah and a deep appreciation for being allowed to watch her show live.

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