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Exclusive: The Lucas Brothers talk new film '22 Jump Street'

Kenny Lucas and Keith Lucas attend the New York screening of "22 Jump Street" hosted by FIJI Water at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on June 4, 2014 in New York City
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Today on June 9, 2014, is excited to share our exclusive interview with "22 Jump Street" stars The Lucas Brothers. The comedy duo who are also twins, play Keith and Kenny Yang in the film. These twins are in the same dorm as Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum). They are actually across the hall from the guys. For those who are not be familiar with The Lucas Brothers, they definitely make a big splash in the film and we are excited to see more from them. Read our interview below:

Tell us about your characters?

We play the Yangs. We're their across the hall neighbors ... yeah we're just doing a lot of crazy stuff, man. We're just having fun in the movie.

How did you get involved with "22 Jump Street"?

We auditioned, the traditional process and we got the role, shockingly.

Speak about working with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

We love those guys, we actually have been big fans of them since "Clone High," so being able to see them do their magic was incredible. It was remarkable. They are brilliant. So being able to work with them was awesome.

Who are your scenes primarily with?

Primarily with Jonah, cause ... they diverge so Jonah comes into our circle and then Channing goes into the football circle.

What was it like working with Jonah Hill?

He's a beast. He's an animal. They way he performs is incredible. You got to try to keep up. Keep up with him. Do the best that you can.

Did you do a lot of improv on set?

A ton of improv. Once you watch it, you'll see. A lot of it was improv.

What upcoming projects can you share?

We're working on a cartoon called "Lucas Bros. Moving Co.," that's our cartoon and we have a sketch show called "Friends of the People" on TruTV.

FIJI Water and Entertainment Weekly presented the New York premiere of "22 Jump Street" on June 4. Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Amber Stevens, Kenny and Keith Lucas, and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller all walked the red carpet at AMC Lincoln Square. Following the screening, guests headed over to Lavo where they snacked on bite sized chicken parmesan and meatball sliders and sipped bottles of FIJI Water, Red Bull, and Black Velvet Whisky. Later in the night, guests kicked off a dance party with DJ Jonny. The film opens this Friday, June 13.

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