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Exclusive: Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind split

"Teen Mom 2" couple Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur have split
Taylor Halbur Instagram

Fans of “Teen Mom 2” have been getting to know Taylor Halbur more this season. She and Adam Lind welcomed their daughter Paislee into the world back in September and, unfortunately, their relationship has continued to be a bit of a roller coaster. According to a source close to Taylor Halbur, though, the couple has broken up again.

The source explained, “It was kind of out of nowhere. Adam went home and told Taylor that he didn’t love her anymore and that he planned on moving out of the place that they share.”

This is pretty sad news, but the source explained that Taylor Halbur is handling it well and in a very mature manner.

“Taylor knows that Adam is a good person and doesn’t think any less of him, but she also realizes that he, well both of them, is stressed out and that Adam just needs to figure some things out,” the source continued.

Despite their differences, Taylor isn’t about to take their problems out on their daughter, Paislee. The source explained that Taylor Halbur will let Adam Lind see their daughter whenever he wants which is great. Too often children can be put in the middle of these situations, but it is great that, even though things aren’t working out between Adam and Taylor right now, their daughter won’t suffer.

Over the past year, Adam Lind seemed to step up as a father, not only to his youngest daughter, Paislee, but also his oldest daughter, Aubree. Hopefully he continues to be a part of both of his daughter’s lives despite the split.

One thing is certain though, “She still loves him,” the source says about Taylor Halbur.

Even though Adam Lind hasn’t been a favorite on “Teen Mom 2,” there is no doubt that viewers saw a change in him when he was with Taylor Halbur. She seems to be a wonderful person for him and is great mother to their daughter. Hopefully these two can work things out in the future.

MTV just announced the season finale for “Teen Mom 2” season five will air later this month. A 90-minute season finale is planned to air on Sunday, April 13. This is an unusual time for “Teen Mom 2” to air, but it is sure to be worth the watch!

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