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Exclusive: 'Shear Madness' spoilers reveal no 'Real Housewives' types here

Natalie Redding appears in "Shear Madness" on Nat GEO Wild.
Namaste Farms/Natalie Redding

"Shear Madness" premieres on Nat Geo Wild Saturday night featuring Natalie Redding, who went from being a city girl, fashion model to a full-time sheep farmer.

Natalie spoke exclusively with me on what viewers can expect from "Shear Madness." She appears with her husband and five children on the show and they raise 200 hundred sheep on the farm.

Natalie explains that "Shear Madness" will be nothing like what viewers see on shows like "Real Housewives."

Producers tried talking her into it, however!

"Seriously, I ran into this MANY MANY times and was offered shows, but only if I would do a more 'reality' housewives type show with some scripting and less about animals," Natalie shares. "I refused to do a show like that and made a commitment to my family and myself that any show I did would ABSOLUTELY be about what I do and would not be scripted. Thankfully Nat Geo Wild and I connected and they wanted the exact show I wanted."

In opening up about any "Shear Madness" spoilers to come on the Nat Geo Wild reality show, Natalie said the viewing audience will see plenty of "unscripted drama."

"This show has a lot of real life unscripted drama. They will see the highs and the VERY lows of being a farmer. While the show is always relating to animals, it's character driven because of my large family and the dynamics within," she says. "I will tell you, there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- fake in this show. Also, I will tell you, it's quite funny, because, I feel like finding the funny even in the tragedy...makes life easier."

Natalie addressed the heightened trend of "bad girls" being what make reality television a success. A fair share of critics have expressed their disapproval of how women are portrayed on television. This show should fit the bill of giving high visibility to a "real woman" working hard and still being able to make it good television.

"While the critics, television viewers, feminists etc... constantly complain about the way women are portrayed in reality TV.....'bad girls' is what seems to work," Natalie notes. "So, if it's authentically true that people in general want to see something different, like, a REAL woman, doing something other than drinking....well there's some of that in 'Shear Madness'.. being vapid, and getting in cat fights -- then we have to start supporting shows where woman aren't behaving badly."

Just because there are no "bad girls" on "Shear Madness" like there are on "Real Housewives," there will be plenty of activities shown that people can identify with, Natalie says.

"I can tell you, I am SO PROUD of my show and the 'woman power' in front of, and behind the scenes. Even the crew was mostly women including the showrunner -- Sara Quick -- and the exec producer from Nat Geo Wild -- Janet Han Vissering," Natalie continues. "What I hope? That people really are ready for a strong woman character who can drink beer, swear, throw down and also be compassionate, loving and REAL! Hey, the ratings will tell..."

Are you ready to watch a real woman doing real work that is relatable and family-oriented? Be sure to watch Natalie Redding and her family work an operating sheep farm.

Also read about Natalie's journey of going from city girl to sheep farmer in this article here and about her fashion on the show here and here...written by Fashion Examiner, Catherine Garvin.

"Shear Madness" premieres on Nat Geo Wild Saturday, Mar. 1 at 10 p.m., ET.

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