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Exclusive: Secular pro-life group speaks out on attempts to thwart presentation

Secular Pro-Life replaced posters torn down at University of Georgia
Secular Pro-Life replaced posters torn down at University of Georgia
Facebook [Secular Pro-Life]

Kelsey Hazzard, president of Secular Pro-Life spoke to the Examiner about her organization, her hopes for the future, and recent attempts to thwart a "Pro-Life Without God" presentation held at the University of Georgia Thursday.

The group, which seeks to "bring together people of all faiths and no faith in defense of unborn human life," as posted on their Facebook page, had a well-attended meeting of "80-100" people despite the fact that flyers advertising the event were "repeatedly" removed, as discussed today at their blog, which reports,

"In the days leading up to the talk, someone repeatedly tore down advertising posters on campus. The most logical explanation is that an abortion supporter did not want others to hear the pro-life message—a scenario that has played out many times, at many schools. But pro-life Bulldogs diligently replaced the posters as often as necessary."

Hazzard took the action in stride, however, and explained to the Examiner that although they "never did discover who tore down the posters," it didn't really matter, as "the event was very well attended in spite of the attempted censorship."

Other examples of attempts to silence pro-life organizations on campus have occurred at Clarion University, Texas A&M University, Indiana University, Northern Kentucky University, Oxford, Central Michigan University, the University of Chicago, McGill University and University of Calgary, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the University of Southern California.

When asked about her organization's view of religious pro-lifers, Hazzard explained that they are all-inclusive and respectful of all faiths.

She said,

"Religious pro-lifers are welcome to join Secular Pro-Life. Many people belong to a religion but are pro-life for secular reasons. Our view is that all advocates for the preborn can and should work together, united by a shared commitment to the right to life, whatever their divergent views on metaphysical questions. This is a human rights issue."

Hazzard said that the goals of Secular Pro-Life are to "educate people about the secular reasons for opposing abortion, change minds, and save preborn babies."

In order to work toward their goals, the group conducts college presentations, she said, but also seeks to educate people "through online initiatives like, which directly assists women who are considering an abortion."

Looking forward, Kelsey Hazzard said,

"We have many projects in the pipeline for 2014, and while I can't divulge them all yet, I'm excited for what the year will bring."

Watch the "Pro-Life Without God" presentation here.

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