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Exclusive: Roberto Aguire talks new film 'Boulevard'

Actor Roberto Aguire from 'Boulevard' poses for the Tribeca Film Festival Getty Images Studio on April 21, 2014 in New York City
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In the film "Boulevard" starring Robin Williams and Kathy Baker, Roberto Aguire plays a troubled teen named Leo. Today on May 6, 2014 we are excited to share our exclusive interview with Aguire, who is on our list of new actors to watch.

Well tell me a little bit about Leo, who is he?

Well that's a great question. That's kind of what everyone asks themselves at the end of the movie. Like who is this kid? Who just came in and just wreaked havoc on this man's life, but in a great way actually. I just think Leo is a really broken kid, I think a lot of people in life just get stuck at one point and they don't know how to get out, they don't know how to keep moving forward and fix their lives and that's Leo. Leo is just someone who is in this really unfortunate situation and what I really hope people saw in the character is that, he's actually smart and he's intelligent, he's really perceptive if you look at him he is always looking around he's always looking at the world and I think he gets a lot more than he lets people know. I think he's just trying to figure out how to get un-stuck.

This is a very different role for Robin Williams. Can you speak about seeing him transform into this character?

I think seeing him and being a huge fan of his work and you look at him in this movie and what sets it apart from everything else is the contained nature of his performance. You really see this man who every step of the movie seems like he just wants to rip out of his shell and he wants to break free out of his confine and I think in other performances he's been more subdued, but in this performance he presents a man whose more restricted and more trapped and that's something that Robin just shows beautifully on screen.

What was that like working with director Dito Montiel?

Amazing! Dito is a phenomenal director he is amazing in terms of his vision you won't meet anyone more passionate than him about this script he knows exactly what he wants which is great for actors because he's able to get you to what he wants the movie to look like and he's also phenomenal for actors because he's just behind you every step of the way he's very good at detecting what feels like "Reality" and what feels like "Movie Reality" and so for him to be able to wipe the screen complete of all the BS of what he sees and say "No, this is the heart of it and let's work together to get that, to that place." He's just phenomenal

There are some really intense scenes in the film.

The whole shoot was amazing the whole process was fantastic and I was in a different state of mind, so I don't have an amazing memory of it, but I think the first time I got to put on his clothes and walk out onto the boulevard and sit down and look at the space it all just settled in and it was like "Wow, this is where he's supposed to be, this is where he is and this is where he has to get out of."

Can you speak about filming in Nashville?

Nashville is great. It is a beautiful city it has such friendly people it was really cool. It's the biggest small city I think people say but one of the most amazing things about Nashville is it was able to disappear in the background and I think that was the most important thing for the movie, the city wasn't meant to be a character I think Doug did an amazing job at creating these absolutely stunning characters these beautiful creations out of his mind and out of his personal life, and I think for Dito to find a place that kind of just lent itself to the story and didn't overpower it was really important and that's why Nashville was so good.

Your sister is one of the producers on the film, can you talk about working with her?

It's amazing, it's so cool! I think the biggest thing is trust and I trust my sister implicitly 180 percent and she's been with me my whole life, literally so to have her during this process, which was such a transformation for me and such a difficult character for me to jump into was the most special thing and being able to work along side her is phenomenal, she's so passionate about what she does and she loves getting her hands dirty and making sure that everything is just going forward and to have her as that driving force on set was really really special obviously along side the other producers, Mia Chang whose so special and such a integral part of her company.

You also attended NYU. How did that environment help you?

The great thing about NYU and the reason I chose to go there was the fact that they don't inhibit you as an actor and tell you, you only have to study acting this is it for the rest of your life. They're really great at balancing other things, you get to study two days a week anything you want, unrelated to acting. That's so important for actors. People forget that the more we know about the world about people, cultures and about life, the stronger we are as actors because the more we can bring to our characters. So for NYU Tisch to get that and be conscious of it and say you know we are going to breed intelligent actors we're going to breed worldly cultured actors is great and I think it's something more people should do.

Is there an important mentor you would like to highlight?

It's my family. I think for me my family has been so important to me throughout my whole life just because they are such a source of support and my parents have always backed me no matter what even when I told them the crazy idea of wanting to become an actor they were 100 percent behind me and my sisters are such beautiful people and such loving people and for me to come back home and have that warm embrace is something I treasure, and they always teach me something, all three of my sisters and my parents every day, they have something new they teach me, so yeah my family is a huge inspiration to me in my life

What's next for you?

Well, I worked on this project with Kyra Sedgwick, Tim Daley and Valorie Curry and John Patrick Amedori, "After Darkness" which was phenomenal it was shot/directed by Batan Silva and the screen play was by Fernando Diez Barroso and it was an amazing character driven drama about this family forced to come together at the end of the world and deal with their issues and it's a movie about showing people regardless of what's gong on outside, the world might be ending but if a family is not okay, if there are problems it's not going to be fixed overnight so that movie I think is coming out this year in festivals, so I'm really excited about that.

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