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Exclusive: Prosenjit Sen talks new fashion mobile app StyleChat

Prosenjit Sen talks new fashion mobile app StyleChat
Prosenjit Sen talks new fashion mobile app StyleChat

Today on May 26, 2014, had the opportunity to interview Prosenjit Sen who is the founder of the new fashion mobile app StyleChat. StyleChat is the mobile social commerce network for fashion that lets you discover, wear and share your style with anyone, anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re a fashionista or a fashion professional, Stylechat offers an integrated mobile solution, including its groundbreaking StyleMe try on technology connecting user to their entire fashion world.

Tell us about the application.

It’s no secret that the mobile fashion app market is very crowded. But, existing apps are typically focused on one area of functionality such as organizing and managing your closet, shopping, fashion styling, sharing or keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Consumers want to manage their fashion needs easily, but up until now have had to use several fashion apps to accomplish this. Adding to this, there has been a gap, and demand, in the market for mobile digital try on where you can actually try on items within the app before buying. StyleChat solves this by providing fashion lovers a complete solution to connect them with their entire fashion world, and with its unique StyleMe digital try-on technology, that lets you "try before they buy".

How does it work?

Visual social commerce solutions like Pinterest are significantly and positively affecting consumer purchase behavior. Users visit these sites online, but actually increasingly through mobile devices, and look for inspiration on what to buy. StyleChat takes this trend to the next level with a mobile social commerce platform integrating tools that allow you to style, try-on, mix and match and share across multiple channels simultaneously, as they discover and share with friends.

With StyleChat, you initially create a StyleWall profile in minutes that displays a personalized feed and activity from those you follow like your friends, brands, designers, bloggers, fashion influencers, etc. and also lists your postings to your followers. You can then start using all of the unique feature including a built-in fashion browser so that you can search for any item, anywhere online. To add an item to your wish list or a collection, just touch the image and it’s instantly added. From here, users can snap a selfie and digitally try on items or style complete looks. StyleChat users can also add items from their closet to mix and match with newly discovered items. Share your collections on your StyleWall for followers to browse, style, wear digitally, and then buy with one-tap. Connecting and sharing with other social networks is really easy too with a just a simple tap. StyleChat is a great tool for fashion professionals ... to use as it enables them to engage in interactive visual communication with partners and customers to drive commerce.

What inspired you to make it?

I love shopping online but always felt the lack of tools and the ability to communicate instantly was missing. I was intrigued by augmented reality and computer vision a few years ago, and realized that if we can allow shoppers to try items on their selfie to see how it looks, that would of great value. As an entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to disrupt the market with new technologies and ways of doing things. It was a difficult problem to solve, but that's what made it exciting.

What makes it unique?

Our StyleMe digital try-on technology lets you grab fashion items from any online site, remove the background from the image with a few taps, snap a selfie and digitally them on. This is the result of three years of research and development using augmented reality, image extraction and computer vision. You can remove the background of any fashion item found on the web very easily, without requiring Photoshop or any image-editing tool. You can crop, resize and place it on your selfie to see how it looks, and complete the look by adding other fashion items from collections or your closet.

What are your goals for it for the future?

Evolve the app as users surface interesting features or capabilities they need to build StyleChat as the leading mobile social commerce network for style. In the short term, enable digital try on for any type of garment or accessory, including men and women’s fashions, makeup, hair, home and everything that you call style.

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