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Exclusive premiere of new Dwight & Nicole video 'Smile'

Dwight & Nicole - the indie music duo consisting of Dwight Ritcher and The Voice's Nicole Nelson - are exclusively debuting the music video for their song "Smile" through The Voice Examiner.

'The Voice' alum Nicole Nelson (right) is one-half of the music duo Dwight & Nicole.
Erwin Caluya

In the 1950's-inspired production, Dwight & Nicole are cast as a pair of scientists who build a robot boy. They strive to teach Robot Boy everything that they possibly can, but have difficulty teaching him to smile - hence the title of the song.

You can watch the video by using the embedded media player included with this article.

"Smile" can be found on Dwight & Nicole's most recent record Shine On, which Nicole spoke with The Voice Examiner about in April. "What I love about the album is that it touches on multiple layers of feeling and expression," she explained in the interview.

"What I feel like has happened in popular music is that things get boiled down and fine-tuned in order to sell them easily to a market. Which makes sense as a business. But what I miss about old records that I love is that they dive deeper than that and tell a 360 degree story. All of these inflections of personality come through."

Nicole was previously a member of Team Adam during Season 3 of The Voice.

Shine On is available now on iTunes; for more on Dwight & Nicole, be sure to visit their website ( and follow them on Twitter (@dwightandnicole). You can also follow Nicole herself on Twitter (@nicolenelsong).

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