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Exclusive Premiere: K.Mekonen uplifts on the newly released buzz cut '100 Grand'

K. Mekonen releases buzz track '100 Grand'
K. Mekonen releases buzz track '100 Grand'
photo art via Sam Eltosam

Growing up in harsh environments isn’t necessarily an easy life in its own right, but when an individual can withstand their wretched realities and beat the odds of achieving his or her dreams within these types of surroundings, well, it’s an accomplishment one should be extremely proud of.

Born Kaymar Williams, rapper K. Mekonen, a product of Jamaican parents who like many came to the United States to make a better life for themselves, was born and raised in the Bronx where he developed a knack for rhyming at a fairly young age. Of course, it was either this or having a “wicked jump shot,” and Mekonen was certainly no different, as his first dream was to play professional basketball – but sadly, nagging injuries plagued his short lived career – and the rest was history for his hoop dreams. However, after sustaining this minor setback, he honed his craft in writing songs and developed a rather unique musical style in the process, which was a mixture of certain elements, ranging from reggae to Hip-Hop, and was very reminiscent to the diverse stylings of his idols Bob Marley, Cannibus, Big Pun and JAY Z.

Shortly after the untimely death of his father, who was killed when Mekonen was a youngster, the Bronx bred emcee became even more of a Hip Hop enthusiast when his mom moved him and his sister down to Atlanta, where he learned there was a whole other kind of movement in the South. It was then he set out to make the best music possible, and combined all of his musical backgrounds into his songs and put his blood, sweat and tears into many of these same tracks.

His introductory single, “100 Grand,” is a mellow cut ripped from the same cloth. In the song, Mekonen touches upon the surface of his dark past, all the while finding a way to sprinkle a bit of details pertaining to the stuff he’s witnessed firsthand in his hood and, furthermore, spitting about the extinctive hunger people have for the almighty dollar. Whatever it takes in this world, everyone simply wants to fulfill financial stability during their lifetime, and “100 Grand” is just that – getting those Benjamins by any means necessary – no matter who stands in your way.

The newest track, which will appear on Mekonen’s impending mixtape project Late Bloomers slated for release on May 6th via DatPiff, also serves as a warm-up to his forthcoming club single “Billie-Jean (Light Steps),” which will be arriving soon on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more. But for now, you can get your wallets and money out and contribute to Mekonen's '100 Grand' dreams at Bandcamp, where you can also stream the song in its entirety.