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Exclusive Pounds Interview

This week I caught up with Rochester hip hop’s great white hope, Pounds. An Indie artist with international connections, we discussed everything from celebrity crushes to reverse racism in the entertainment industry. So without further ado I present to you: 10 questions with Pounds!

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Chris Johnson

V: “What inspired you to become a rapper?”

P: “…Always been a huge fan of hip hop since a young age. It’s what I grew up on. And when I was younger a lot of my friends rapped so it pushed me to want to be an artist myself.

V: “What would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?”

P: “Do I have to answer that??” (Laughs) “NEXT!”

Did he just….*Side Eye*…OK, I’m going to make an educated guess and say…background dancer. Sorry buddy, you had your chance! (Giggles)

V: “Have you encountered any reverse racism in the industry because you’re a white rap artist?”

P: “I think every white artist encounters reverse racism, how you handle it, is what sets you apart. The average urban consumer has a predisposition about white rappers… that they’re corny and look like B Rad from Malibu’s Most Wanted. Fact is anyone can be a cornball regardless of skin color. I’m comfortable in my own skin and real recognize the same. Period.”

V: “What is your favorite project to date?”

P: “I’d have to say my current project “Position of Power”. It was really organic; this is my 1st project where I produced about 40% of the beats. And I basically did whatever I wanted without over-thinking. Position of Power is a feeling…a soundtrack to my lifestyle.

V: “Who would you most like to collaborate with in the industry?”

P: “I’d have to say Alchemist. He’s always been my favorite producer. Does that count? You know I’m from NY so 50 would probably be 1st on the feature list, Jay- Z fans don’t be mad I said that (laughs) I f*** wit Hov’s music heavy too.

*Ahem* As the authority on ALL Jay-Z fans I can say, I’m still offended…

V: “You’ve done a bit of traveling/ touring, where is your favorite place to perform?”

P: “Love doin’ the college shows/tours they definitely are the most receptive to new music and they wild the f*** out!”

V: “Do you have any celebrity crushes?”

P: “Truthfully most of my celeb crushes are porn stars (chuckles wryly) but Lil Debbie and Scarlett Johannsen can get it! And of course Lauren London and Rihanna, but who doesn’t wanna f*** them? (Laughs)

Oh….uh, so….moving right along…

V: “What’s the worst thing about the industry in your opinion, especially on the local scene?”

P: “Egos, lack of unity, and quality control. Nothing else.”

V: “How many videos do you have? And can you give me any insider information about your latest one, 448 grams?”

P: I got a few shout outs, all shot and directed by JuanHDTV. But yeah, 448 Grams is the 1st visual from the new album. I guess you could say it kind of sets the tone for the new project. I got Times Change on there and it’s produced by Build Parsells tha Coach. Insider info? Ummm...we smoked a horrendous amount of medical marijuana on the set...(sinister grin). As if you didn’t know…(laughs). I’m known for the dark, crispy visuals but the next one will be very different as opposed to what you’re used to seeing from me. Same goes with the 448 Grams album, it’s definitely gonna be something to look for!”

Did he just say medicinal…in NY? *Ahem* *Cough* *Cough* Sure…

V: What would you like to plug/ promote?

P: “448 Grams “drops this summer! Jarren Benton’s, “My Grandmas Basement” drops June 11th just came back from Cali to shoot his 3rd video "We On" by Dizzy Wright, which I’m featured in… that drops in a week or so, so check for that! Other than that, its 7 til the caskets drops B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

On behalf of, I would like to thank Pounds for taking time out of his crazy schedule to give his fans such an intimate glimpse into his past, present, and future. And while we have your attention, stay tuned for his video, 448 Grams!


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