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Exclusive photos from 'Da Vinci's Demon's 2x06 'The Rope of the Dead'

Exclusive episode still from "The Rope of the Dead."
Exclusive episode still from "The Rope of the Dead."
Photo Courtesy Of Ed Miller/STARZ, used with permission.

“The Rope of the Dead” is the April 26 episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” and I’ve got your first look at three photos from the episode. That’s right, it’s a little exclusive from me to you, courtesy of the lovely people at STARZ. “The Rope of the Dead” airs this Saturday at 8 p.m. central on STARZ.

Well, that's certainly an interesting look for Riario.
Photo Courtesy Of David Appleby/STARZ, used with permission.

The first three photos in the slideshow are the exclusive photos (it also says exclusive episode still in the caption), and then I’ve included the other released episode stills for “The Rope of the Dead.” Let me know what you think of the photos.

As for the episode itself, the official summary is as follows: “Leonardo and Riario face challenges when they enter the Vault of Heaven. Lorenzo partakes in King Ferrante’s bloody games. Journeying to Constantinople, Lucrezia encounters the Turk.”

Basically, what I’m gathering from this is that things are not good for anyone. Well, Lucrezia doesn’t seem to be in a bad situation. The Turk only seems to confuse people, not really put them in jeopardy. Lorenzo will be fighting for his life because the King of Naples is insane. Hopefully he doesn’t end up a corpse in the King’s weird collection. Leo and Riario never really get along. The Vault of Heaven would have challenges, wouldn’t it? Things are never easy with the Book of Leaves.

Are you excited for Saturday? I’m curious. Are you a fan of the longer hair Leo are do you prefer his hair short? I only ask the most important questions. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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