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Exclusive: Pattie Boyd on the Beatles and filming 'A Hard Day's Night,' part 2

Photos of Pattie Boyd and George Harrison and of "A Hard Day's Night."
Photos of Pattie Boyd and George Harrison and of "A Hard Day's Night."
Courtesy Bruce and Marsha Karsh - Used by permission.

(Introduction: Pattie Boyd will be appearing this Sunday on Catalina Island in Southern California at a 50th anniversary screening of "A Hard Day's Night" where she'll answer questions about the film. In part one of this two-part interview with Beatles Examiner, she talked about getting the role for the movie. In this concluding segment, she talks about her life with George Harrison.)

The Beatles in "A Hard Day's Night."
Courtesy of Bruce and Marsha Karsh - used by permission.

Just what led to the spark between Pattie Boyd and George Harrison? “I think that happened when we accidentally on purpose sat next to each other for lunch,” Pattie Boyd told Beatles Examiner. “And we both been talking and talking and talking and we sort of said, 'Let's sit together while we have lunch with everybody. And so, I thought, 'Oh, there's something going on here, I think.'

"And he was really sweet and the others were being really funny. And all together, they were a huge comedy in themselves because their wit was so fast. And they were just a joy to hang out with, actually.”

She said filming the movie with the Beatles was a lot of fun. “They were so fun and witty and funny and hilarious and very sweet to us.”

The Catalina Island event could be her only appearance in the U.S. this year. She said has no plans for anything in the States. “At the moment, I have this fantastic exhibition in Norway in a museum called Rockheim.” The exhibit, called “Pattie Boyd: George, Eric & Me: A Personal Collection,” includes rare photos, correspondence and one of Eric Clapton's guitars.

“The museum's created this most amazing exhibition of my photographs and also photographs of me modeling and some clothes and memorabilia, guitar picks, film footage of the Beatles at one and Eric at the other end. They've done it beautifully. I just wish they could find a museum in America that would just like to take it over. It ends at the end of August. And it'll all be pulled down and never seen again unless we can find someone who'd like to continue with it.”

Boyd, who still meditates and loves to visit India, says her memories of George Harrison will always be special. “Well, I think that my life with him was very blessed and very loving and was quite wonderful because it was so much fun. And he was fun. And he was hugely good looking and enormously attractive. We had the best time.

“We really had a wonderful time. He really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and I obviously loved his friends because they're all musicians. I think we had a very very special 10 years together, actually, really wonderful. And I would never swap it for anything in the world. It was just great.”

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