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Exclusive: Nikki Poulos and Iris Apfel talks HSN collections

Designer Iris Apfel attends the HSN Fashion Week Lounge At The Empire Hotel
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Today on Feb. 16, is excited to share our exclusive interviews with Nikki Poulos and Iris Apfel, who we caught up with at the HSN Lounge at the Empire Hotel.

Iris Apfel decided to create an accessories line because of its transformative element. Any outfit can be transformed with different combinations of accessories to fit the occasion. She does not have rules for how to use her pieces, she just asks you arrange them how you like and what feels good to you. Comfort is an important factor, as no one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own clothes, and she advises to just experiment and find a new comfort zone. Just follow your heart and do you.

What inspired you to create an accessories collection as opposed to clothing and such?

I think accessories are the most transformative part of fashion.

How would you use the pieces in your collection to incorporate it into anyone else’s look?

Well, you have to just look at them and put them in a way that pleases you and goes with your outfit.

You’re known for your use of color and colorful outfits, so do you have any tips on how to wear colors?

I would say just to wear what you’re comfortable in. Some people like black and just stick with black. I like color, it cheers me up. I think you have to choose colors that suit your own coloring and your personality. Some people are very upset in bright colors, so I think you just have to follow your heart.

How could one start wearing colors?

Just experiment. The worst thing is just making a mistake, the fashion police aren’t going to take you and cart you away.

Nikki Poulos is expanding her brand by adding some lifestyle pieces to compliment her already stunning print-heavy collection of clothing. The jewelry is inspired by Greece with a boho chic vibe with some sunglasses to finish the looks. All of the looks are very relaxed with an effortless resort feel. She started adding some solid pieces to pair with some of the other print heavy pieces for those of us that are intimidated by such bold prints. However, she has also added head scarves to give that pop of print.

What inspired you to create this collection?

I’m launching jewelry and sunglasses this year. Everything was inspired by my desire to travel to the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands. So everything in the collection are things that I would personally bring on the trip with me. But I am launching a couple of pieces of jewelry as lifestyle accessories and also to expand the brand into a lifestyle brand.

So would you say that the jewelry created you would take on your trip as well?

Absolutely, I am creating a full look for head to toe. It's everything I want to wear, the jewelry is keeping in line with the brand, which is modern boho chic and it is retro inspired and printed.

Would you say mixing prints is a good thing?

I’m all about mixing and matching and mismatching. I think prints should be worn as a reflection of you and how you see the world as well. Even with people who are intimidated with print, an accent would work, too. I also am doing solids as well this year because some of my clients want solids as well to go with the prints. That’s why we’re going with a solid maxi dress with a printed headscarf, to give it a pop of print.

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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