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Exclusive: Model Chrissy Teigen talks Aquafina’s 'Pledge. Drink. Win!' campaign

"Pledge. Drink. Win" campaign at MLB Fan Cave
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Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen teamed up with Aquafina for the “ Pledge. Drink. Win!” campaign. The campaign encourages people to drink more water. Today on May 11, 2014, we are excited to share our exclusive interview with Chrissy.

Chrissy Teigen

Q: How did the collaboration with Aquafina come about?

Chissy: I’m an absolute nut about skin care and I made a pledge a few months ago to myself. I want to be healthy. Obviously I do all these things like drinking and eating and love that kind of stuff, but also you have to find that balance of really trying to look good and trying to make your skin look good. For me I travel so much and there is nothing quite like honestly keeping hydrated it helps your skin. You can buy every product in the world but there is nothing that compares than just getting hydrated and drinking water.

Q: Why is this campaign important?

Chrissy: We're trying to get a lot more people to drink more water. To get them to pledge, drink and win. Take selfies of themselves go to post photos of themselves drinking water and you get a chance to win and go to the All Star game. We're paired with the best athletes in the world and I promise there is no way that they are not hydrated. Drink water!

Q: Have you ever had a situation were you were dehydrated?

Chrissy: Actually you know what? There are a lot of times. Anytime I get a facial or something, those people know your skin the best, they look at your skin and they can tell from your lips that you are clearly dehydrated. For me, for the past six years I haven’t been drinking enough water. I started having a lot of stomach problems and a lot of issues, I would go to a crazy doctor and they said drinking more water could solve all of it. This was when I was ready to shell out money for anything to make me feel better. At the end of the day it was water that was going to make it work.

Q: Do you have any healthy eating tips?

Chrissy: It is hard. For me I need to get all my cravings in. I cannot do juice cleanses. For instance I’m a big savory fan I need salty I don’t like sweets very much I’m very lucky I don’t need a donut or cake. I love pasta. I love hearty foods. When I’m dieting I still try to make really hearty foods, but I do it with fish or keep it light. I call my diet the lower carb diet, it's not low carb, it’s lower than normal and I end up feeling a lot better about it. I feel really good about myself cause for me food is very mental and I cannot physically go to bed hungry. I truly, but can't sleep I'll think about food all night. I need to feel fulfilled so that’s my rule, I try to get in what I need.

Q: How do you stay in shape?

Chrissy: I will never say I love working out. I just I don’t love it. But here’s one thing I never ever regretted it afterwards. I think that’s just the hardest part is getting yourself there, but the feeling you have afterwards is pretty fantastic. You never regret it; it’s just hard to get there. I have tried one million different types of workouts. As a model we are sent passes to every freaking class in NYC, LA everywhere. I tried everything and for me I found the ones that work and I love them.

Anyone that signs up for the pledge will automatically be entered for a chance to win a VIP experience at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game in July. Three grand prize winners will be chosen.

Brianna Bicking contributed reporting.

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