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Exclusive: Michael Pitt and cast talk 'Rob The Mob' at New York premiere

William Teitler, actor Michael Pitt, director Raymond De Felitta, Jonathan Fernandez and Michael Rispoli attend the 'Rob The Mob' special screening at Sunshine Landmark on March 9, 2014 in New York City.
William Teitler, actor Michael Pitt, director Raymond De Felitta, Jonathan Fernandez and Michael Rispoli attend the 'Rob The Mob' special screening at Sunshine Landmark on March 9, 2014 in New York City.
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On Sunday, March 9, was on the red carpet for the New York special screening of Millennium Entertainment’s "Rob The Mob" at Landmark Sunshine. From the film: Michael Pitt, Samira Wiley, Michael Rispoli, Joe Gannascoli, Burt Young, Elli, Luke Fava, director Raymond De Felitta, screenwriter Jonathan Fernandez, composer Stephen Endelman, producers William Teitler and William Kay all walked the red carpet.

Additional celebrity guests in attendance included Montego Glover, Britne Oldford, Chaske Spencer, Jason Dundas, Tashiana Washington, Ty Hicks, Eric West, Will Bates, Lenay Dunn, and models Ciara Nugent and Angela Bellotte.

The film tells the true story of a loving Queens couple (Thomas and Rosemarie Uva), on hard times, early 90’s who were addicted to drugs and poor. They turn to robbery. The husband goes in and demands money from the store clerk at gun point, the wife drives the getaway car. They had obviously tried and succeeded at this before, given that they were not in jail, yet. After getting caught on camera for robbing a flower store, they each get sent away to prison. 9 months go by, Rosie is working at a collection agency, stable and clean. When Tom gets out, she helps him get a job, stay clean and then they move in together. They then begin robbing mafia social clubs after Tom starts learning more and more about the clubs through the trials and court sessions of the narcs within the mafia. They get away with one or two and start making a name for themselves as ”The Bonnie and Clyde of Queens”. They are stealing from the Mafia, so no police get called and they don’t get in trouble. When they start taking more than just money, they get in too deep…

The movie is truly focused on the cute and all-together magical chemistry that the couple Tom (Michael Pitt) and Rosie (Nina Arianda) bring to the screen. They go from screaming at each other to kissing each other very intensely within seconds. The way they understand one another and are entirely dedicated to each other makes the story really come alive and gets the viewer interested in what will eventually happen to them.

Check out our exclusive red carpet interviews below:

Director Raymond De Felitta

How did the everything go during production?

It was Exhausting! It was a hundred and twenty-eight page script, filmed in twenty-five days.

And the movie was shot here in New York?

Filmed in every lousy, possible location, under the L, and backs of alleys, nothing glamours about it!

Where are you from originally?

Here, from New York!

How was working with Michael Pitt?

I love Michael! Totally loved him. We had a great artistic collaboration. And he's the movie, he really is and I had a great time with him.

What was your favorite part of shooting the film?

I liked when had the Uzi! Because all of my other movies are just like people talking to one another. Once we got that Uzi on set, that was so much fun for me, I was like a kid with a toy. But I really loved Michael and Nina and their energy for each other, it's really an actors movie. I had a really good time just watching them, giving them their space to do their thing.

Michael Pitt

What was your favorite part of shooting in the film?

Working in New York and working with these actors.

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Jersey originally.

How was working with Raymond on this project?

Amazing, it was a joy to work with him. He was really great about alleviating stress on set, with a tight schedule. Always telling jokes, even when things were really difficult, you know he would always throw out a joke about it, it would help.”

How did you first hear of the role?

I had a meeting with Raymond, in New York. He told me that he had this idea, that he wanted me to do it, i said “Lets do it!”

Writer Jonathan Fernandez

What inspired you to write the story?

I had heard these kind of urban legends, about how these people in the 90’s robbed mafia social clubs and when the trial happened in 2007, I actually went to the trials everyday of the people who were convicted of the conspiracy to murder the Uva's. And like Michael's character in the film, they started giving out the addresses, and I actually went to these mafia social clubs and when I went there, it is nothing at all like what you think a mafia social club was going to be like. I mean you expect there to be Al Pacino and "The Godfather" and it was a bunch of old guys. A bunch of toothless old guys in bad florescent lights. Totally cheese balls! And I thought "Oh, now I have a movie, because it's not like anything we have seen, it’s not like "Goodfellas," it's not like "The Godfather," it's what the mafia is today.”

Were you on set for the making and production of the film?

Whole set! Whole time! Raymond was great, we traveled to the set everyday together. It was a great experience.

Was this your first time working with Raymond?

First time! and I just think he’s an all-star! I love Raymond so much, I am just the biggest fan!

And you are originally from New York?

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, this was a very personal story. I grew up in a town where everyone was sort of connected, I could literally give you everyone's names and the companies they ran.

Following the screening guests made their way over to Hotel Chantelle where they sipped on Dark Horse wine and Red Bull and snacked on truffle pizza and sliders.

"Rob The Mob" hits theaters March 21, 2014.

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