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Exclusive: Michael Ealy talks 'Think Like A Man Too,' Kevin Hart and more!

Actor Michael Ealy attends an evening with Kehinde Wiley & Spike Lee presented by GREY GOOSE Le Melon at Crosby Street Hotel
Actor Michael Ealy attends an evening with Kehinde Wiley & Spike Lee presented by GREY GOOSE Le Melon at Crosby Street Hotel
Photo by Johnny Nunez

Comedy "Think Like A Man Too," came out yesterday on June 20, 2014 and had the opportunity to interview one of the film's stars Michael Ealy. He reprises his role as Dominic.

Tell me about reuniting with director Tim Story.

Reuniting with Tim ... is like a family reunion. You know what I mean? Tim and I work very closely together on every single movie. And this one was no different.

What antics and shenanigans does everyone get into in Vegas?

The guys ultimately don't have a great time. Because Kevin Hart is our best man and leader, and needless to say, he's terrible at the job. The girls have a ball. First it starts out a little rough for them, but then they find their way, and next thing you know, they have a moment that I think would make every girl and crew want to be a part of.

Tell me what you admire about Kevin as an actor and a comedian?

I think the secret to Kevin's success is his charm. His comedy is never mean-spirited. And it's never weak either. Kevin is always right in that zone where it's like "okay that was funny, that was good fun." And "he can make fun of right in front of you."... He's always right, so you can't deny he's telling the truth, but he just has a nice sweet spot about him.

We're honoring Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing." Tell me what makes that film so iconic?

It was the first time we really saw a film that captured the tension and the race relations that existed not only in Brooklyn but America at that time. Growing up in Maryland, DMV, I could relate to that tension at that time and I wasn't even in Brooklyn. And so, it was kind of like Brooklyn was a microcosm of what was going on in inner cities around the nation. And I thought he really captured that very well.

Ealy has been very busy. Last night on June 20, he participated in the the 24 Hour Plays LA 2014 to benefit Urban Arts Partnership presented By Montblanc. On Wednesday, June 18, he joined Terrence Jenkins, Will Packer, Kevin Hart, Romany Malco, James Lopez and Jerry Ferrara at a special event called "A Conversation With The Men Of 'Think Like A Man Too'" at 40/40 Club. Earlier that evening we spoke with him at The Crosby Hotel. Grey Goose Le Melon toasted filmmaker Spike Lee with art commissioned by award winning artist Kehinde Wiley. Guests also enjoyed a special documentary detailed the making of Lee's iconic "Do The Right Thing," which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year.

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