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Exclusive: Linda McCartney picture for Davy Jones animal rescue auction released

Linda McCartney's picture as seen on the "Standing Stone" CD.
Linda McCartney's picture as seen on the "Standing Stone" CD.
Linda McCartney/EMI Classics - used by permission.

The picture donated by Paul McCartney to the upcoming Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation auction was released May 8 by DJEMF exclusively to Beatles Examiner. It can be seen on this page in the slide show.

Davy Jones is greeted by a fan before his race in The Peach Amateur Riders Handicap at Lingfield Park in Surrey, England in 1993.
Photo by Anton Want/Getty Images

The picture, taken by Linda McCartney and titled “Stallion and Standing Stone” was used on Paul McCartney's “Standing Stone” CD, which was released in 1997. According to the BBC, McCartney composed the work to celebrate EMI's 100th anniversary. It was performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Lawrence Foster. It was premiered before a capacity audience at London's Royal Albert Hall.

The auction, which features art and collectibles, begins May 19 and will last a week. Linda McCartney and Davy Jones were both lovers of animals. Jones worked to rescue abused horses or those headed for the slaughterhouse. The DJEMF, founded by his four daughters, provides sanctuary for rescued and retired thoroughbred race horses. The auction is to raise funds for DJEMF’s work to protect post-career racehorses and raise awareness of thoroughbred and equine wellness issues.

Others who have donated to the sale include rock photographers Nurit Wilde and Henry Diltz, visual artist and photographer Emily Dolenz, actress Julie Newmar, equine photographer Darlene Brushwood, Monkees historian Gary Strobl, painter Anita Pollinger-Jones and artist and costume designer Jennifer McLeod.

Several of those donating to the auction had close ties to the Monkees. For example, Diltz has photographed the Monkees and many other rock performers, including Paul and Linda McCartney, during his career. In an interview last year for, he said music and photography are made for each other.

“I often say I’m a musician in my heart and a photographer in my head. The two go together really well as it turns out – photography and music. Those are two of our major senses. We have five senses and I think seeing and hearing are two of the big ones, and they work together really well because musicians need photographs, you need to publicise the music,” he said.

Wilde also photographed the group and appeared in “The Monkees” TV series. Anita Pollinger-Jones, an artist, was married to Davy Jones from 1981-1996. Emily Dolenz is the daughter of the Monkees' Micky Dolenz. Jennifer McLeod is an artist and was costume designer for the 1987 and 1988 Monkees tours.

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