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Exclusive: Kevin Costner and Tom Welling talk new film 'Draft Day'

 Tom Welling, Denis Leary, Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner attend the 'Draft Day'' screening at Sunshine Landmark on April 10, 2014 in New York City
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The football film "Draft Day," arrived in theaters yesterday on April 11, 2014 and caught up with the film's stars Kevin Costner and Tom Welling. The film follows the general manager of the Cleveland Browns Sonny Weaver, Jr (Costner) as he attempts to put a team together. Welling plays the team's quarterback. He and Costner have a great scene together in the film. Kevin Costner was incredibly gracious. This is what he told reporters about his role:

How do you compare with your character?

Costner: I think I matched up with Sonny Weaver had to be, I have a feeling for sports, I have a feeling for players, I had a feeling for script and when it was authentic versus when it wasn't, so it was a good match for me.

Can you speak about collaborating with Ivan Reitman?

Costner: He started off wanting me in the movie. That was a really good feeling, to be wanted, even at this point in my career, to have a director say, "I think you're the guy that should play it," that meant a lot to me.

What was your bond with Jennifer?

Costner: It was great, she really knows what she's doing as an actress. It's too often when somebody has this outward beauty and this natural perkiness and somehow we render them not as heavy an actress. That's simply not true, she's a really crafted girl and she's got that all American thing, which by the way needed. We needed someone that looked like they grew up in the organization, went to college, and suddenly came back and was a heavy weight attorney. That's an American story and I think she embodied it.

It's been 25 years since "Field of Dreams," now you're doing another huge sports role, how do you feel to be doing that again?

Costner: I've loved the movies I've been able to do and if I didn't think that this one had the chance to be like those, I wouldn't have done it. I thought "Draft Day" had a real chance to take its place.

What would you do if you weren't in showbiz?

Costner: I know how to work. I grew up blue collar, I put myself through college. I worked commercial boats, fishing boats, I framed houses, I probably have a fishing rod somewhere. I feel lucky that I'm able to do what I want to do.

Do you even bring your kids to set?

Costner: Yeah my kids think I live in a trailer.

You've been at it for a while, and in 25 years will we still be coming to your movie premieres?

Costner: I don't know, I reserve the right to change my life. I don't know where I'll be, but I've loved the journey that I'd had, and when it comes to stories I want to make sure they speak to me first.

Tom Welling plays a quarterback who has recovered from an injury. It is great to see him back on the big screen.

Tell me about collaborating with Ivan Reitman on the film.

Tom: It was very honest on his part which I adore. Ivan's the kind of guy who is going to tell you "Hey that wasn't good" or that's didn't work or change this or do that. But in a respectful professional way that could only make the scene better. So it was great. It was fantastic.

Speak about being in scenes with Kevin Costner?

Its a dream come true, I'm a Kevin Costner fan, I look at him over there and I'm like "Hey that's Kevin Costner!" It was great.

What about immersing yourself in the world of football and what was the process like?

It was great, having the NFL behind this film, and being able to go to the facilities that the browns and talk to some of the players and being on the field, it just makes the film feel more authentic.

Bud Light presented the New York Special Screening of "Draft Day." Notables who attended at Sunshine Landmark Cinema included cast and filmmakers: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner (in Dolce&Gabbana), Denis Leary, Ellen Burstyn, Tom Welling, screenwriters Rajiv Joseph and Scott Rothman and producer Ali Bell. Additional guests included NY Jets owner Woody Johnson, NY Giants’ James Brewer and Cooper Taylor, Eric Legrand, Brooklyn Nets’ Alan Anderson, Bill Cowher, Hannah Storm, Jonathan Alter, Timothee Chalamet, Kate Simses, Stacey Bendet, Philip Bloch, Kevin Liles, Johannes Huebl, Meki Saldana, John Buffalo Mailer, Louisa Krause, Ty Hickson, Danielly Silva, Amanda Faical and Ashley Haas. A chic party followed at FC Gotham.

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