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Exclusive: Joy Bryant talks Tribeca Film Festival 'Faces of Film' campaign

Joy Bryant at the American Express “Faces of Film” trailer in Union Square to celebrate the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival!
Joy Bryant at the American Express “Faces of Film” trailer in Union Square to celebrate the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival!

Yesterday on April 8, had the opportunity to interview "Parenthood" and "About Last Night" star Joy Bryant who spoke with us about her "Faces of Film" campaign for American Express in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival, which kicks off next week on April 16.

Read our interview with Joy below:

Q: How much fun was it doing the shoot for the faces of film?

It was so much fun. It was fun thinking of different scenes and then reacting to it and I think the campaign came out really really great. I am really happy with it.

Q: Were you excited from the get go or were you a little nervous?

It was kind of a no brainer for me when they told me what the campaign was and what they were trying to accomplish. I just thought it was a really great idea so, it was pretty easy for me to sign on.

Q: Do you remember what shooting your first film was like?

Yes, my first film experience was on "Carmen: A Hip Hopera." Still at that time, I was modeling and taking acting classes. I wasn’t necessarily sure that was what I was going to end up doing and I ended up getting the part. And, while I was filming, I was looking up at the lights and cameras and stuff and I was like “oh wow, you know what? This is pretty cool.” I was sort of like “alright, I can take it, I can do this. I’m going to try this” Work. Let’s see how it goes.

Q: So, at that time early in your career, did you attend film festivals?

When I did "Antwone Fisher," we did go to some festivals, which was great. "Carmen" was the first thing I did that was on television and, this was my first big starring role. This was all in the same year when I first started. So that was pretty amazing for the movies to have been received the way they were. To be in the center of all that was great. And you know, to look fierce.

Q: How was working on "About Last Night" with Kevin Hart?

Really fun! It was great because we shot it in downtown L.A. I live in Glendale, so it’s only 12 minutes away. It was fabulous and everyone on it; Regina, Mike, Kevin…

Q: How was Kevin Hart on set?

Crazy! Crazy, crazy. We’d all known each other for a while but we had never worked together. Those three, (Mike, Regina and Kevin) had worked together before so I was kind of like the new one. New kid on the block. Yeah, it was fun. It’s great when you can show up and work with people that you like and respect.

Q: Do you visit New York a lot?

Not that often.

Q: When you do, what do you look forward to?

I look forward to seeing my peoples. Haha!

Q: Have you ever tried the street food?

Nooo, I do not really eat meat. But, I do like to go to places that I used to go to eat when I was living here and there’s this awesome ramen noodles place over on Third Street that I like to go to. But mainly, when I come to New York, it’s just so I can see my peeps because I don’t get to be here that often so when I’m here, I usually have some work that I’m doing but I make time for the people that I care about.

Q: How was it working with Dax Shepard on "Parenthood"?

That my dawggg! My TV baby daddy! Haha. It’s awesome. It’s great. He’s such a great acting partner and friend and, it’s awesome to go to work everyday. Again, I feel very lucky to work with such awesome people and hopefully; we’ll be back for another season.

You can show your dramatic face at the “Faces of Film” mobile photo trailer throughout New York The trailer will be available from noon to six daily.

Wednesday, April 9

12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – NYU/Washington Square Park (WSP South at LaGuardia)

7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed at NYU/East Village on Bowery and East Houston

Thursday, April 10

12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – Meatpacking/Chelsea (Little West 12th and Washington)

7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed in Chelsea at 10th and 22nd

Friday, April 11

12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – Flatiron/Madison Square Park (Park Ave South and 26th)

7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed at Flatiron/Union Square on 6th Ave and 17th Street

Saturday, April 12

11AM – 5PM Faces of Film Trailer –Tribeca (Greenwich Street & Duane Street)

7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed in Tribeca on Church Street and Franklin Street

American Express Card Members have early access to purchase tickets to the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and special Card Member events before the general public.

Igee Okafor contributed reporting.

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