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Exclusive: Joel Lambert evades capture on Discovery’s new show ‘Lone Target’

Joel Lambert evades capture on Discovery’s new show ‘Lone Target’
Joel Lambert evades capture on Discovery’s new show ‘Lone Target’
Joel Lambert/handout photo

Joel Lambert does what it takes to survive on Discovery Channel's new show Lone Target. The reality show reveals how this top former Navy SEAL eludes capture and covers tough terrain in a reality show version of hide-and-seek. We talked to Joel Lambert in an exclusive interview for about his new Discovery Channel series and got insight on the latest reality show that is creating a buzz as the star gives viewers a look at survival instincts in action.

Want another reason Joel Lambert is the talk of Hollywood? The Discovery Channel star is super sexy. While guys might be watching Lone Target to see how Joel evades the enemy, the ladies are watching because he is quite handsome. It’s a win-win for viewers everywhere.

Lone Target offers diversionary tactics and survival techniques and audiences get to see Lambert’s mad survival skills. So where did these skills come from? Well, the star was in the Navy, but he also got a bit of training when he was a kid too.

“The kids would want to come to my house. My dad would play a game called Cops and Robbers,” said Joel Lambert explaining how he loved to play games as a kid. “We lived on a couple of acres. He would dress up in dark close and carry a rope. He would hide and if he found you he would tie you up.”

The game of Cops and Robbers might have been what piqued his interest years ago, but today the scenario is far more elaborate and the cameras are on him to see how he survives. Viewers immediately see how his specialized training, evasion techniques and even elaborate traps keep him in the game.

Lone Target episodes are high octane and intense. Viewers find themselves on the edge of their seats as Joel's tactics are extraordinary. Joel's hunts take about two days, but the show gives the viewers the best points of the exercise condensing it down to a much shorter show.

“It’s a warrior mentality,” said Joel Lambert explaining his need not to be caught. “That mindset to finish.”

Joel Lambert he might have cuts and bruises, but the camera crew isn't always so lucky when filming the series. The star offered his empathy to what had to be a tough filming. The job offers a real look at the man looking to use his training and skill to escape specialized military tracking units.

“The crew has had the worse. Stabbed in the neck, killer bees, and three guys lost in the forest,” said Joel Lambert listing off all the injuries. While the star has woken up in a hotel room covered in blood because of scrapes and bruises, he has been extremely lucky.

Lone Target will be seen by audiences in over 240 countries and the show is called Manhunt overseas. Hoping to share his love of hide and seek with the world, Joel has big goals for the series.

“I honesty hope it inspires people,” said Joel Lambert reflecting on what he hopes the Discovery Channel viewers take away. “We lay it all out on the battlefield for people to watch and that is what excites me about the show.”

Lone Target excites viewers as well. The one-of-a-kind series offers people a chance to watch and see how Joel’s training and skills him escape.

Lone Target is on the Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for show times.

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