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Exclusive: Jesse and Ann Csincsak at hospital with baby girl coming soon

Jesse Csincsak fingers crossed
Jessie Csincsak

Jesse and Ann Csincsak of Bachelor Nation are about to have a baby girl. On Feb. 20, Jesse went to his Facebook sharing the news that they are back at the hospital and will be having a baby soon. Examiner spoke to Jesse via e-mail to get exclusive details.

They are crossing their fingers that they can make it a few more days before their little girl arrives. Ann's dad has flown in from Arizona to help out and watch their son Noah so Jesse can be with his wife at the hospital. She has been dealing with contractions for several days now and they are trying all that they can to keep her from giving birth yet. She will be 36 weeks in just two more days and that is full-term.

Jesse and Ann live in Colorado and they are at a higher altitude. They really want Ann to be at 36 weeks before she gives birth so she is on meds, but still have contractions really close together. This couple will be having their little girl soon and hopefully everything goes well.

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