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Exclusive: Jennifer Aspen talks new web series 'Los Angeles Right Now'

 Actress Jennifer Aspen has a fabulous new web series. Be sure to check it out!
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Today on June 24, 2014, had the opportunity to interview actress Jennifer Aspen about her new web series "Los Angeles Right Now." Jennifer won a SAG award for her recurring guest star on the first season of Fox’s hit show "Glee," where she stirred things up as “Kendra Giardi,” sister to “Terri Del Monico” (Jessalyn Gilsig). Aspen also co-starred in ABC’s hilarious dramedy "GCB," alongside Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, Annie Potts, Miriam Shor and Marisol Nichols. Read our exclusive interview below:

What inspired you to create this series?

I had been told for awhile now that I should do my own web series, but nothing quite clicked that I wanted to do. I did "Los Angeles RIGHT NOW!" as a sketch for a Christmas charity show and it absolutely killed and suddenly I saw a series in it and a way to do it that worked perfectly for the internet. Each season 6 episodes, each episode 3-4 minutes and a unique editing style. And a way to do everything I wanted to do that I thought was funny!

You and your co-star Kelly Meyersfield sure seem to have a lot of fun on the series. How did you create the character Evelyn Stanhope and how did you imagine their interactions would be?

Kelly Meyersfield is my mommy friend. And then I found out she was super funny and a trained opera singer (annoying). So I kept looking for something I could put her in. I created Evelyn by speaking into a microphone and loving the sound of my own voice and thinking (erroneously of course) that I sounded good singing, it reminded me of public radio DJ's, (they often sound so into the sound of their voice) and out popped Evelyn. I wanted to sing but I needed someone who people would actually enjoy listening to and Kelly was my instant and first choice and I knew it would be magic because she's incredible.

How would you compare the experience of starring in your own series to being on a show like "Glee"?

When a great character comes to me it's a blessing. Ryan Murphy gave me Kendra Giardi on Glee and I enjoyed every moment of playing her but no one is gonna hire me to sing (I tried to get a song on Glee but, ya know, they've got actual talented singers for that) so I had to hire myself to do it! And starring in my own series where I can do whatever I've been dying to do is amazing! I think it's funny? I'm dying to do it? Great! I'm doing it!

So I know that the series is just supposed to be 6 episodes, but are you open to the idea of doing more?

Yes, because people have totally responded to it and I love doing it. So we are planning to shoot another season in August. Kirstie Alley saw it and flipped for it so we are having her come and join us, Catherine Bell will be back plus another incredible but unconfirmed talent (we are working on her dates). I didn't ask any of these ladies, they just saw it and insisted on being a part of it. (Happy to oblige of course!)

Is there anything else that you're working on right now that you wouldn't mind sharing with your fans?

I'm working on bringing "Los Angeles, RIGHT NOW!" to television. :)

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