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Exclusive interview with Wonka's Mr. Random

Behind the scenes with actor Josh Breeding AKA Wonka's Mr. Random
Behind the scenes with actor Josh Breeding AKA Wonka's Mr. Random
Behind the scenes with actor Josh Breeding AKA Mr. Random

WONKA just made the world infinity more scrumptious. The candy giant has dreamt up next level awesome new gummies called Randoms. They come in dozens upon dozens upon dozens of shapes. Chew on this - gummy monkeys..gummy roller skates..even gummy lighthouses! And gummy lovers, there's no turning back for your tastebuds. Randoms come in all sorts of phenomenal textures. Like straight up traditional (mmm), jam-filled (mmm on mmm), and there's even one with a whipped marshmallow back. Thank you, WONKA universe!

To celebrate Randoms (which are coming at ya nationwide in June), WONKA created a wildly outrageous commercial that launches today starring Mr. Random, self-proclaimed ambassador of all things random. Mr. Random is played by the super captivating and hysterical actor Josh Breeding of Parks and Recreation and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame, and Breeding took a time out from the out of this world amazing shoot to talk about being naturally random, wrestling himself on set, and why Randoms are even more delicious than Swedish fish.

MM: Good morning, Mr. Random! How’s the WONKA shoot?
Josh Breeding: It’s the wildest day ever. The WONKA project is insane. I don’t think anything could top this. I’ve done a lot of great things acting, but this is the most fun and action jammed into one day. I was in character tied to a balloon craft flying in the sky and dropping candy on the world. Got to play with lobsters. Wrestle myself.

MM: What’s the secret to wrestling yourself?
JB: A lot of green screen. There’s a body double. It’s always weird when you meet your body double [laughs].

MM: All in a day of the life of Mr. Random!
JB: All the craziness is WONKA. They originally created Mr. Random, and he’s the ambassador of WONKA Randoms and all things random.

MM: Spectacular honor. Do you do anything crazy to get into character or are you naturally random?
JB: I was moving around like crazy in the beginning and then I got “No, do what you were doing before” [laughs].

MM: Have you been eating Randoms all day?
JB: Not at the moment. I keep trying but they’re saying “Not yet, it’s for the art department.”

MM: You’re the Randoms connoisseur. What do you love most about the candy?
JB: That there are a bunch of different types. They’re better than Swedish fish because of the sheer variation. And they come in so many shapes!

MM: You have so many cool acting projects happening this year. WONKA Randoms, Parks and Recreation, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It must be cool for your family to see your Hollywood career taking off.
JB: I'm sure my mom will love the WONKA commercial. I haven’t been on any shows my mom watches [laughs]! She watches “Investigative Discovery.” I’d have to be in a TV show doing something like pretend killing someone for my mom to watch [laughs]. I’m from a great family in Northern California. I'm actually the first artist to come out of a long line of farmers.

MM: How incredible! Do you farm?
JB: I did. I inherited my father’s orchard and just sold it. There’s a lot of work taking care of an orchard.

MM: True or false: You’re an ordained minister.
JB: True. I’m an ordained minister.

MM: How did that happen?
JB: Mostly the Internet [laughs]. I Googled around. My friend wanted me to officiate his wedding, but I felt too much pressure. I did end up talking at the wedding though! Everyone was saying “Pressure? But you’re an actor!” I don’t feel any pressure when I act. Acting is easy, real life is hard.

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