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Exclusive interview with Walking Dead's Christian Serratos on character, beauty

Walking Dead
Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a powerhouse of a show, and Christian Serratos, who plays one of the shows newest characters, Rosita Espinosa sits down to discuss her character in detail, her beauty theories, and a possible connection between her Twilight character and her Walking Dead character!

What has it been like working on such an original show?

Christian: It’s been surreal. Coming into a project like this that’s so grand, and the fans are so in love with, it’s a lot of pressure. But I’m excited to get into a grittier role, it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Something exactly like this, and here I am being able to do it, so I’m very thankful and excited to see where it goes.

What drew you to auditioning for the show? I mean we know it has great writers and special effects/makeup teams and a die hard fan base, pun intended.

C: It’s the best show on TV. I’d never seen it before, but I knew what a well respected show it was and how die-hard the fans were and how incredible it was. But I’d never seen it before, first hand. So I got the call to come in and read, and didn't really know how grand this role could possibly be until I finally booked it. Then I found out how expansive the role was, and who she was exactly. When I auditioned, it was a fake character name. It was exciting to get to learn that it wasn't going to be a filler character for just an episode, and I had the possibility of being around for a while. Getting to watch the show during this whole process. While I was waiting to hear if I’d gotten the role, I watched the whole series in a week and became the biggest fan. When I was told I’d be working on it, I was beyond thrilled.

Tell me about Rosita Espinosa from your perspective? Do you bring any of yourself to her character?

C: I think I bring quite a big to her character. While I think that in our traits we probably have very little in common, I think her sassiness and her independence I relate to. I think she was a very sassy girl before the apocalypse in everyday life. She was probably very capable of taking care of herself. When it all went down, she’s a smart girl and realized she could take care of herself but it would probably be a good idea if she has some brute strength by her side to do what she couldn't physically. That’s why I think she moseyed from man to man, people that can help her stay alive longer. Until she found Abraham and fell in love. She’s very confident and strong woman, and I love that about her.

If you knew the zombie apocalypse was happening tomorrow, and could only gather three things in preparation, what would they be and why?

C: Oh my gosh! I would stock up floor to ceiling with Fiji water. I’m very weird about my water, and I’d die if I didn't have any. Also weapons, and something frivolous, face wash. My Neutrogena face wash. I wouldn't want to bring this friend or family member, I wouldn’t want to have to worry about anyone else. I’d wish they weren’t dead, but just weren’t here. [laughs]

Do you ever have dreams about walkers?

C: I do. When I was auditioning, I started finding myself seeing people walking by themselves late at night and think “that’s a walker, that’s creepy”. I assumed everything was Walking Dead, and all of my terminology was Walking Dead. I’ve had dreams of walkers and zombies.

What is it like to get dirty for work on set?

C: That was something I was absolutely looking forward to. I love makeup and I’m a totally girly girl. I love getting dolled up. But there’s something about being at work on set and wearing a lot of makeup that drives me insane. So I was so excited when I had that moment when I realized I was going to be able to look like me, and not having to wear a ton of makeup. The dirt was fun stuff, it’s like playtime.

Did you have to learn how to hold a gun the proper way?

C: Yeah, I had never shot a gun before. The first time I was shooting on set they had the gun safety and the people on set showing me how to use it and hold it and look legit. It was something I was really concerned about because Rosita knows what she’s doing and I just wanted to make sure she looked like she knew what she was doing, even if I don’t. I was asking about everything, having my bases covered. I’m actually not strong enough to caulk a gun, so they gave me the finger-less glove for the traction.

Do you have to change your beauty regimen at all filming in Georgia since the climate is so different from California?

C: I have this theory that women from the South have greater complexions and hair because I think the humidity helps. I haven’t had to change much, but I have enjoyed the experiment to see if my theory is true. I feel like humidity has done wonders for my hair.

Did you go through a workout regimen to look fit as Rosita?

C: I like being sore after a workout, I’m just not good at getting started. [laughs] The nice thing about The Walking Dead, is that being on set is a workout. Running around set with the weight of the gun makes me sore. I feel like working out anymore than that would just be overkill.

Tell me about you and your mother's jewelry line, Kisshy, and how it’s going.

C: My mom has been in jewelry since I’m a kid and sold to studios and I always thought it was so fabulous. I was wearing her jewelry on every red carpet. I had grown up making the jewelry and helping her. We toured around the country teaching people how to make jewelry.

I know you did a special “Angela” piece for Twilight, might you consider the same for Rosita?

C: I might, that might become a thing, where I dedicate a piece of jewelry for each of my characters. You become attached to them, they become your people and your homies. [laughs] I may do a little tough, strong, feminine piece of jewelry for her.

I know you work with PETA. Do you have any other organizations or charities that you would like to shed light on?

C: I also work with the Thirst Project, bringing clean drinkable water to those that don’t have it.

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