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Exclusive Interview with Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon To Release New Album
Walk The Moon To Release New Album

When one is making music, one should make it as vivid, great and vibrant as the group Walk The Moon. Walk The Moon is an indie rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio that started in 2008. This band worked hard to receive successful notoriety on many radio stations across the US, they have also garnered 10 million You-Tube video views for their smash hit "Anna Sun".

Anna Sun has a very impactful presence lyrically and visually, as its' sound is upbeat and speaks of having fun and being free. One of the verses states "This house is falling apart, we got no money, but we got our heart, we're going to rattle this ghost town."

These words were so explosive that the group "Walk The Moon" was selected as the band for the Renaissance Hotels Global Day of Discovery. The Global Day of Discovery is a day where Renaissance Hotels offers something new by hosting exclusive musical, culinary, and culturally focused events to business and travel people. The band wanted to tell the world how they felt about this day. Check out the exclusive interview!

Examiner: How do you feel about Renaissance Hotels Global Day of Discovery?

Nick of Walk The Moon: It's an awesome opportunity. This is our first record out in the world. It gives us a chance to try out new music. Renaissance Hotels are doing a neat thing by sharing music with business and travel people. We made our first record in Atlanta, so it will be nice to get back there for Renaissance Hotels Global Day of Discovery.

Examiner: What can your fans expect from your performance?
Eli of Walk The Moon: We have blown up the ends of our spectrum. We had more musical fun exploring darker and heavier music. We have a focus, we are still being ourselves. There is a great musical styling of playing live with each other that our fans will see.

Examiner: How has Walked The Moon evolved?

Nick of Walk The Moon: We have grown up and made a name for ourselves and grown up with the intent of getting people to dance. Our fans are proud of what we have done. In our music we have shared things that we have discovered about ourselves. We have grown together and our new music will display that.

Examiner: What makes your music different?
Eli of Walk The Moon: We are a band that prides ourself on discovering while on the road. Individual characterizing flavors of a city. We analyze what makes this place different from the next city. It is worth it to discover the gems of every city. This is what makes life not so monotonous.

There you have it, a great interview with Walk The Moon!

Check out there video "Anna Sun" on You-Tube.

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