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Exclusive Interview with SYTYCD Season 5 Finalists


Top 10 Finalists
photo courtesy of Fox

The top 12 contestants on "So You Think You Can Dance" season 5, also known as 5 Alive, are currently on Tour. I had the opportunity to sit down with 4 of the contestants, and ask them a series of questions from their favorite fans. The contestants I interviewed are: Melissa Sandvig, Ade T. Obayomi, Jason Glover and Evan Kasprzak. 

Here is what they had to say:

Q: What is your favorite part about being on the tour?

A: Melissa: Other than dancing and performing, which is amazing. I would have to say personally, meeting all of the fans! To feel so appreciated! You're doing something that everyone loves. On the show we never got to meet any of the fans so it feels so rewarding!

 Evan: Getting to dance is awesome. It's what I love to do. You get to travel the country and do what you love to do. Meeting everyone afterwards. Knowing you are making an impact on them. It's making laugh, it's making them cry, it's making them that's amazing!

Ade: Oh wow! they stole my answers! Dido and dido! Meeting the fans is the best part. You find out how much fan inspiration you are to people. I thought I could never be an inspiration. And just to know 4 months ago, I'm just doing my thing in college. Just trying to stay awake in class. And now my teacher pays attention to me!

Jason: Meeting everyone that voted for you and supports the show! Having a great time as an artist is probably my favorite thing.

Q: What is it like working with each other?

A: Melissa: Ade is my favorite. I love everybody, but  I'm grateful for my partnership with Ade. Dance wise and strength wise we match each other perfectly! We just had so much fun together. We go off in our own little worlds when we are in a group. We loved all the pieces that we did minus one, the cha cha! It's hard to pick a favorite. I feel lucky. Ade  is agreeing with Melissa the entire time. (Jason jumps in and jokes and says I really liked partnering with Evan, he's a lot of fun)! 

Q: What do you feel about performing in front of Tyce Diorio's friend Michelle, knowing she is in the audience tonight? 

A: Melissa and Ade: I'm really nervous! I'm excited to meet her afterwards. I think it's going to be extra emotional tonight. Just knowing she's watching and trying to channel her. 

Q: Jason, what is it like kissing Jeanine:

A: He blushes. Um good question! Not to bad! Not to bad at all! It's Nice! Jeanine and I are really good friends. We became friends in vegas. I talk to her a lot! We all stayed close. We are just friends. Sorry to disappoint you. 

Q: Jason, What is it like dating Janette? 

A: Jason: (the whole room freaks out in laughter and in shock!) Oh! OH MY GOD! WOW! OH MY GOD! Where the heck did you hear that! Wait a minute! Who told you that! That's a shocker! Well, that's the first time that has gotten out. Evan says: Have to talk to travis for a minute huh! Wasn't prepared for that question! He gets over the shock and in a very sincere voice says: Um, I love her! She's great. I love being with her. It's nice having her with me through the whole process. It's been a lot easier and less stressful! I'm a bit of a panic freak. So if I didn't have someone there, I would have been a bit over the top. You can ask these guys, I kept freaking out: I'm going home this week. So it's great having her there.

Q: How does Randi's husband feel about the two of you doing the butt dance?

A Evan: John is an awesome guy. He's super nice. Very calm. He's a lot bigger than I am. So it's probably a good thing for me that he's calm! Him and Randi are great together and very in love. He seems pretty understanding of the butt dance. 

Q: Evan how tall are you?

A: Evan: I'm 5'6 

Q: What are you doing while everyone else is tweeting and you are not?

Evan: Oh wow! They (fans) are on it! They know everything!  Ouch! Everyone says I should get a twitter. But I can't even keep up with my updating my facebook status. So I don't know how I would keep up with twitter. And I don't even know what I would tweet about. My life is not that exciting  nearly as everyone thinks it is. It's like, I'm eating a bowl of cereal. on the show, on the bus. I guess I'm playing video games or sleeping! 

Q: Who thought of the name 5 Alive?

A: Everyone: who was that? I don't know. It was someone in Vegas. It started in vegas. It's hard to pin point one person. We all just started doing it. It's like the 5 Alive plague! 

Jason: Wow! You are on it! Like what other questions do you have! I'm just having a hot flash right now. My feet are sweaty! How do you know all this! I'm really impressed! I'm still in shock! Ok so wait, Travis called us out on this?! Ok, so this is actually a funny story. Jeanine was not the happiest camper about the kiss because she didn't know about it. Travis told us he wanted to put a kiss in there. We were actually supposed to kiss when I grab her and I bite the chain. Travis said it wasn't working and it looked ackward. So he said, just put it in there somewhere. It will work. So before we went on she said, are we doing this? I said yeah, where are we gonna do it? At the end of the dance, we had not done it. So I turned around and was like, ok, let's make out! And so afterwards, everyone was actually looking at her for her reaction.  She was surprised. And she said, it was good. So we kept it there. 

Q: What would you guys be doing if you were not dancing?

A: Jason: I would be playing soccer. I was already trying to play professionally. It was always between soccer and dance. Going to school. 

Melissa: I would have to say teaching pilates or freelancing dance. I can't not dance. I can't imagine not dancing so teaching ballet or pilates. That's what I do in my normal life.

Ade: Something to do with sound. I want to do be a sound engineer. I mean I would probably be working the So You Think You Can Dance show instead of dancing in it. 

Evan: Currently I am a music theater major. So I'd be in school right now if I wasn't in tour. I have one more semester left.

Q: Do you think your brother Ryan will have a harder time on the show since you have already paved the way for him? 

A: Um, I don't know. I mean, if he makes the show. I would like to think he would have a similar time that I had. He has a lot of fans out there. So fingers crossed he makes it.

Q: What is your Least favorite dance?

A: Melissa and Ade: Cha Cha. Red pants dance! Ew! We can forget about the waltz. 

Evan: The quick step. It was the fastest dance ever on the show. They didn't mention that. We talked to the sound guy. He said, it was the fastest dance he has ever edited. It was fun. Louie is a awesome choreographer. It was just very challenging. Nasty boys from the finale. It was pretty terrible for me! For the boys, the african piece was not our favorite. 

Jason: Shane sparks hip hop. Not my favorite. It landed me in the bottom! 

Q: What is your favorite Dance?

A: Melissa and Ade: The breast cancer dance because of what it did. The disco was fun. I l really enjoyed all of them really. 

Evan: I love my piece from the first week that Tyce Choreographed. The butt dance. It's tough to pick a favorite. 

Jason: I would have to say working with Travis and Jeanine. Travis is so understanding. He's a choreographer but the situation that we are in, he's been through what we have been. He's very forgiving and he helped us out. Rather than just teaching choreography.  I also enjoyed paso doble. 

Q: Do you think your college experience will be enhanced being on the show? 

A: Jason: Yeah, I guess. People recognize me when I walk in the room. I've learned a lot of behind the scenes stuff that I've always wanted to learn about. This experience as just been as beneficial of dancing. They teach you the business of it. How to work with lights etc. 

Q: Who is the messiest on the bus?

A: The girls it's Caitlyn and for the boys it's Ade. 

Q: What is the craziest gifts you have received from a fan?

A: Melissa: Someone built a dog with a tutu on it for me. Someone made a scrapbook for me. They followed my experience on the show and made a scrapbook. I guess it's not something crazy but neat. They put a lot of time and effort in it for me.

Evan: I got a scrapbook as well. Someone wrote a comic. It was Evan Potter. So it's the story of Harry Potter but in the So You Think You Can Dance World. The other dancers are different characters. I'm the harry potter in it. Someone spent A LOT of time on it. 

Jason: I've gotten a few scrapbooks and stuff. A girl took a picture of me and photo shopped herself into the picture. I just thought that was weird.

Ade: I had a crazy fan at the signings afterwards. She saw me and started crying. I said, calm down and we'll take a picture. She kept screaming and crying. I went to hug her and she wouldn't let go. She took a ton of pictures. She wanted to hold hands and kiss me. I said we couldn't kiss. She asked me to sign her stomache. I said, your skin? Are you sure? She said yes! She wanted me to sign it so we are connected in some way and her friend video taped it. I was scared a little bit. 

Q: How do you handle fans that get out of hand?

A: We just try to smile and say we have to move on. Say Thank you. We have security that help us. Our production is great. We are on a tight schedule. They help keep us moving and on schedule.

Q: What do you do on your days off?

A: Explore the city. Lots of shopping. Lots of eating! Just have fun. 

Q: What is your favorite city so far? 

A: Everyone: New York. Detroit was kinda cool too! The crowd was crazy! Toronto was really cool too. Chicago was beautiful! 

Q: Do you have a favorite city you are looking forward to?

A: Everyone: Miami and LA

Q: How many hours a week do you practice prior to your show?

A: Everyone: Every day. For the tour specifically, we had three weeks. 12 hours every day.  While we were on the show we rehearsed 5 hours. 

Q: Where did you receive your training:

A: Melissa: Long Beach Ballet

Evan: Julie Ann's Academy of Dance. Broadway theater project in Tampa, Fl. 

Jason: The Dance Studio in Fresno, CA I also went to ballet schools too. 

Ade: Dance Connection in Phoenix,  Arizona 

Q: What will you be doing after the tour?

A: Everyone: Using the connections we made hopefully to keep dancing as much as possible. I know a lot of us will teach. 

Q: Who is your favorite choreographer and why?

A: I think we appreciated the opportunity to get this experience and work with all of the choreographers. They are all so amazing!  Obviously, you'll have better experience working with some more than others. Wade was just a chill cool guy to work with. He's very down to earth. He has his stuff together. He's very understanding. He's a great dancer! Probably the best. Mia is an experience. She expects the best from her dancers at all times. She's very interesting. She's very enthusiastic. You'll be very tired at the end of the day. However, she pushes you to be your best. Laurie Ann is different. She's tough. She has very interesting sayings like: Can you smell it? Do you feel it?

It was a true pleasure to interview each of them. They were all very down to earth. They said they had the greatest time with this interview. It was the most enjoyable for them. They were so surprised by all of the questions. They enjoyed it more than any other press interview on tour! They ended with thanking all of the fans for the opportunity to answer you. 

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Dance Examiner welcomes all comments and questions. 


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  • Dance Examiner(Christina) 5 years ago

    Thank you everyone for your great comments! I will try to answer them all here:
    Jason is very down to earth. He is very nice and easy to talk to. Jeanine was not very upset with the kiss. I believe she was more shocked because she didn't know they were going to do it.
    I will ask Evan about the question and I will get back to you. Yes, I can interview both Evan and Jeanine. What would you like me to ask them?

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