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Exclusive Interview with Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc on beauty, Daphne

Katie Leclerc

Three seasons ago a brand new series aired on ABC Family about two teens who were switched at birth, one of them being deaf and changing the way we watch television. The show even aired an almost complete silent hour filled with only ASL and subtitles. Katie Leclerc plays Daphne Vasquez on the hit show and she sat down to discuss her similarities with Daphne, how the show has changed her life, her upcoming movie and of course, beauty!

You are gorgeous! Would you share some beauty tips?
Hydration! Your skin looks so much better when it’s full of water. I’ve been keeping on top of that. I just found a new face cleanser that I’m insanely in love with called Ultra Bland and they sell it at Lush. I don’t like washing my face, but this is a cream you rub on your face and you rub it off with a washcloth. It’s made with all natural ingredients including beeswax which is a natural emollient, so this way it removes makeup as well. I cant get enough of this stuff! I use it like three times a day.

What do you use on your hair?
I use a protein liquid when I get out of a shower. One is by Redken and the other by Kerastase. I mix the two together. I think its important to protect your hair with all of the straightening and hair drying. I skip daily conditioning and use the liquids.

What type of diet do you follow?
For some reason a lot of people think I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not. I don’t follow any specific diet. I feel like you should eat what makes you happy. I do eat a ton of fruits and veggies. I have been obsessed with smoothies for breakfast and it’s a great recipe. It’s made with spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley, lemon, lime and coconut water. The spinach makes it very smooth, and I drink that almost daily. I don’t eat pork and I don’t eat a lot of beef, but I do eat chicken.

How has it been spending so much time with your costars?

It sounds cheesy to say, but as we started everyone has high expectations and high hopes, and then we realized that the people we were going to be spending our lives with were actually really awesome! It made it easier to get into it as a family. Now that its season 3, we love each other, it’s a giant love fest for 12 hours a day 5 days a week and I could not be more thankful not just for the cast members, but for the crew members and the writers and creators. Everyone just really gets along incredibly well. The serenity on set is that everyone feels that we are all contributing to something awesome.

Who is the biggest jokester on set?
D.W Moffett is a really big jokester and if anyone can get me to crack and break a line it’s D.W. He pulls out all of the stops during peoples close ups and really tries to get them to crack.

What similarities do you have with Daphne?
Obviously I don’t have the same speaking voice, but its really interesting that from the beginning they said they wanted Daphne to play a sport and they asked me which sport I played and I said basketball so they wrote that in. And they wanted Daphne to cook and they didn’t ask me about it. Now I’m starting to think, as Katie, should I think about being in the medical industry? [laughs] Daphne and Katie are so parallel it blows my mind what they come up with.

Did you expect the show to be so well received?
We have amazing fans and I didn’t expect it to be so well received, to be 100% honest. It was a dream come true that I was even in the pilot and then when the pilot got picked up I said to myself “if we get 10 episodes in it will be the best thing that’s ever happened to me”, and we are going on 75 episodes and its still the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

How has it been working with Marlee Matlin?
Oh my gosh she is amazing. I was so nervous the day I met her that I walked up to her and said “my name is Katie” and I forgot to sign! I know how to sign but I put my hand out and it was shaking. She is so down to earth and shes got the dirtiest hands in the business. She has this incredible ability to make you feel comfortable from the minute you meet her.

What other projects are you working on right now?
I just wrapped a movie for Hallmark called “Cloudy with a Chance of Love”, and I play a meteorologist who may or may not fall in love with her news director. It was great to do that. We shot the whole movie in 20 days, so it was really go, go go. But the director really got a great performance out of everyone. I grew as an actor on that set. I am really excited for people to hear my actual speaking voice. I’m excited to see the reaction! (Release date pending)

The Switched at Birth spring finale airs tonight on ABC Family!

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