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Exclusive interview with singer Jewel at Swiffer Sweep & Trap launch party

Swiffer Introduces the New Sweep & Trap to Clean up Big and Small Messes in One Single Swipe; Renowned Singer, Songwriter and Author Jewel Celebrates Product Launch
Swiffer Introduces the New Sweep & Trap to Clean up Big and Small Messes in One Single Swipe; Renowned Singer, Songwriter and Author Jewel Celebrates Product Launch
Swiffer visited the Make Meaning studios in NYC for the launch of Swiffer's latest product - the Sweep & Trap. The DIY art studio was filled with mom's and their children as together they enjoyed an afternoon of arts and crafts and making a mess (there were plenty of Sweep & Traps on hand). Afterwards guests enjoyed cupcakes with Swiffer colored icing, gourmet sandwiches, and of course the new Sweep & Trap Starter Kit to take home and try.

Renowned singer, songwriter, and author Jewel was also there to unveil her own unique spin on the popular "Clean - Up Song." We were able to chat with her after her performance and here is what she had to say about Swiffer, "The Sing Off," and a new album in the works:

How did you get involved with Swiffer?

Jewel: I'm not sure why they thought of me - I'm not the tidiest mom in the world. My husband's really tidy. I'm a big Swiffer fan, though, I use their products and I love their products. I heard about this Sweep & Trap and I thought that's the next thing I really needed. We do a lot of crafts at the kitchen table and there's glitter and just chunks of cereal and pasta under the table and so it's just great. I'm a fan and I'm passionate about it ... And the clean up song - I've been singing that song to my son now for a while ... and it's just part of my clean up routine.

What tips do you have to make cleaning fun with the kids?

Jewel: My testing theory is that I want my son to build a habit and not to be perfect at cleaning, so I make sure that cleaning is part of every play time and to sort of hint that it doesn't have to be perfect, but just getting in that habit and its something I hope he grow into as he gets older.

What part about cleaning do you really just dislike?

Jewel: Scummy dishes

So you were a judge on "The Sing Off," tell us about that experience.

Jewel: Yeah I got to be a judge on this past season of "The Sing Off" and it was a lot of fun. I loved the contestants and I loved how they let us be really specific and it's not a vague "You didn't bring it" or "I didn't feel it".. I think the audience is much more sophisticated now and they can really tell when you know what you're talking about. I try to be the judge I would want if I were a contestant, which is give me something specific that I can do better next time

When can we expect another Jewel album?

Jewel: I just did the "The Merry Goes 'Round" in 2011 ... time goes so fast. But I'm working on a record right now and I'm doing it without a record label ... I'm doing it independently and I'm not really thinking of genre or radio necessarily. Maybe folk and it might be similar to my first album "Pieces of You" ... and it may not be a commercial anything. I'm just making my own little dreams come true.

And we know you have had poetry books in the past. Are you still writing?

Jewel: I have a couple books I'm working on. One is a memoir/self help - self help isn't the right word because I don't think I''m a self help guru. But there's certain things I've helped myself get through life and as I talk to friends it mixes with a lot of people lives and then there is the poetry, which is all based around love and I don't know if I'll put it together you know the love, the falling in love, the passion ... or put them out separately. I got to figure out which one to release first, I'm just now starting to talk to publishers about it.

So what are you last thoughts on Swiffer, parenting, and cleaning!

Jewel: I've learned a lot of being a mom from other moms and sometimes we talk about really deep things and things our children are going through and sometimes it's talking about what products you are using and you know, what's working the best for you, so yeah that's why I'm so passionate about this stuff because when something works well and makes your life easier, you want to share it.

Angeli Kakade contributed reporting.

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