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Exclusive interview with sexy 'True Blood' actress Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston
Carrie Preston
Shawn Flint Blair

Examiner Dorri Olds landed an exclusive interview with Carrie Preston on July 14, 2014. The actress never stops working so it was generous of her to spend the time to talk about her career, which includes a long list of movie and TV credits. She also spoke about her production company, Daisy 3 Pictures, and being a celeb on multiple TV series including "True Blood," "The Good Wife," "Person of Interest" and "The Following."

Preston also won a Primetime Emmy for "The Good Wife," is happily married, gorgeous, sexy and the proud owner of rising star Chumley, her rescue dog. She is candid about her fans on social media, marriage to Michael Emerson, and her hot True Blood co-stars.

Dorri Olds: Of your “True Blood” co-stars who is the hottest — Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgård or Joe Manganiello?

Carrie Preston: I'm going to pick Chris Bauer. He’s much more my type. They’re all very attractive, but I tend to fall for guys more like Chris Bauer. He’s very handsome and has a lot of sexy qualities.

Can you list them?

I feel a little uncomfortable going into details because I’m happily married.

Okay, new topic: Do you write your own social media posts?

I always do my own. I enjoy it.

Have you made ongoing online friendships?

I guess a little bit. Some people I’ve met along the way found me through social media. Many I haven’t met face to face even though we exchange messages on Twitter for a while. The reason I like Twitter is I’m able to share with the fans what it’s like to do what we do, but it doesn’t feel like an invasion of my privacy. I can control what I share, though I share quite a bit and do that happily. So far it has held my interest.

Do you think fans are unrealistic about their connection to actors?

I don’t think I experience that as much as Alexander Skarsgard, and some of the other guys you mentioned. They probably have lots of people who want to have romantic relationships with them. For me, I feel I have a good following. My fans are supportive and I’m so appreciative of that. Sure, you’ll get the occasional person who will get upset if you don’t write them back fast enough but I just let them have their feelings and don’t engage. But that scenario is very rare.

Do you ever dream in character about scenes in the shows?

I don’t dream in character but I’ve certainly had dreams of being on set. They’re typical actors’ nightmares where you can’t remember your lines, or you’re in the wrong costume. We have these set anxiety dreams that I think are universal. I’ve heard many people who aren’t actors have similar types of nightmares. I’ve certainly had those. But, for the most part, my characters live in the conscious world.

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