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Exclusive interview with Sasha Grey and David Guy Levy from ‘Deep Tissues'

More than ever podcasts are becoming ever popular. From sports, horror, fitness to comedy there over hundred of thousands of iTunes uploaded conversations between popular people and maybe not so popular people. Blame it on the nerdist generation but the age of digital talk shows is here. So when we were told about a new podcast hosted by Sasha Grey and David Guy Levy titled DEEP TISSUES curiosity overwhelmed us. Once we heard the general concept we were floored.

Guest on Deep Tissues includes Jonathan Daniel Brown, David Foley, Rodney Ascher, and JC Coccoli.
Guest on Deep Tissues includes Jonathan Daniel Brown, David Foley, Rodney Ascher, and JC Coccoli.Deep Tissues
"Exclusive interview with hosts Sasha Grey and David Guy Levy"
"Exclusive interview with hosts Sasha Grey and David Guy Levy"Deep Tissues

See the difference between DEEP TISSUES and other podcasts is the hosts and guest are receiving deep tissue massages while engaging in conversation. They are currently on their 7th episode and have had the likes of Zoe Bell, JC Coccoli, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Rodney Ascher and more. The two host were kind enough to give us their time to discuss DEEP TISSUES and how the show came to be. We also spoke of current ideas to expand the podcast and what’s been going on in the hectic life of one Sasha Grey. One of my favorite guests so far has been Zoe Bell because she does not do many interviews, but probably the best episode so far has been with PROJECT X and KID CANNABIS Jonathan Daniel Brown. Listen to hear who has been David and Sasha’s favorites.

DEEP TISSUES is a very engaging podcast and each episode gets better and better. David and Sasha have great rapport with their guests evening during an awkward situation. As Sasha explains in the interview there is a kind of therapy outside of the massage that goes hand and hand with the podcast cast. In David’s words “I get to talk with one of my best friends and some interesting people!” No reality shows stars on this podcast and the duo talk to some foreal movers and shakers in the film industry. Take a listen to the exclusive audio interview with David and Sasha and head over to and catch up to all their shows. I would like to personally thanks David and Sasha once again for their time and make sure you give them a like on their Facebook page: