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Exclusive interview with rising pop star Ashley Allen

Take a positive attitude, a can-do message, mix in some dance, pop, and dub-step vibes; throw in brains, beauty, and talent and you will create new up and coming sensation Ashley Allen. The NYC based singer-songwriter has been making waves with her new EP “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” co-written and co-produced by Cash Cash (All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Bebe Rehxa). There is also a video of the title track that this young lady had debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s website that you can go see at

Ashley Allen in pictures
Ashley Allen in pictures
Ashley Allen

That’s a heck of a way to make a debut and the video also has guest appearances by rapper Shwayze, DJ White Shadow (Lady Gaga) and model Chloe Norgaard. It shows off Allen’s vibrant, colorful personality that she made sure to point out to me is ‘weirdo’ and goofy’. "This video is my heart and soul. It is the definition of who I am and about staying positive in life. I guess it really is a message to stay weird and have fun!” Ashley states.

This young talent has been drawing some pretty heavy duty comparisons to stars such as Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato and more and has performed at legendary venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, and Highline Ballroom among others. She has toured with Taylor Dayne and is currently on a tour across the country called High School Nation where she and a host of other stars are sending positive vibes and messages to our nation’s youth.


Ashley Allen – Body Say No, Heart Say Yes


  1. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Radio Mix)
  2. I’m A Dreamer
  3. Let’s Go
  4. Touch Me (Take Me Tonight)
  5. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Luke Shay Remix)
  6. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Acoustic)







Interview with Ashley Allen

Thank you for taking time for this today.

Thank you for talking with me.

So let’s begin by introduction, introduce who you are and what you do.

I’m a singer/songwriter and, yeah, I’m goofy and that’s pretty much what my life consists of; music and just being weird! (We laugh)

Where did you grow up, school, all that early info?

I kind of grew up all around New York. My Dad always lived in the city, my mom actually came from Lake George. I went to high school on Long Island and when I graduated, I went to Arizona State.

You have a song and video that debuted on Ryan Seacrests’ website, how did that come about?

From what I know, Ryan Seacrest saw my video for ‘You Ruin Love’ and listened to the EP that was just released, that we have a soft release for on iTunes. They were like “You know, we really love this!” We were like what if we can give you something else? They were like “Totally!” and we gave them the exclusive premiere for the video. That was like an “Oh my god!” moment for me!

You toured with or are going to tour with Taylor Dayne, that’s wild, how did that come about, and where is the tour?

I did a mini-tour with the fabulous Taylor Dayne in Australia. I’m actually on tour now as we speak. It’s called High School Nation, it’s an amazing tour! I’m on tour with Drake Bell, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas will be joining, this girl group called Blush, this amazing performer Trevor Jackson and this band called Stamps. What we are doing is going around the entire U.S. and performing at high schools, it’s really a mini-festival that we are bringing to these kids to help the schools, it’s a really amazing tour!

You have positive messages about your music, which is refreshing including in “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” which is kind of a comical message too if you think about it?

I never really thought about it as comical until I released it, I guess it didn’t hit me that people would interpret it the way they hear it. So that was such a surprise because it was never about a guy. It was always about, a song about seizing the day and going for positive whether you’re feeling down or what, so I wouldn’t say it’s comical but it’s definitely interesting!

I say comical because I saw or thought I saw somewhere where it was about getting up with a hangover and getting at the day anyway.

(We laugh) No, no hangovers for me, maybe that’s my problem!

How did you go about getting noticed and getting onto places like Ryan Seacrest?

Ultimately, everybody wants to be noticed. I always associated myself with musicians. I networked and met tons of people. When I graduated I ran into people and was writing, I was lucky because I was writing and someone did notice, so I was lucky in that.

Okay, silly stuff aside, I think you are a talented person with all the tools you need to go as far as you want.

Well, thank you!

Any summer plans yet with festival season approaching?

No, that is WAY too far ahead to be planning yet! (Laughs) Hopefully be at the beach a lot!

Do you have any advice to young female performers out there?

My number one advice is always go to college! It was the greatest four years of my life! I remember being young and thinking if I don’t do it now then I’m never going to be able to do it. My parents were like you have to go to college, being an artist isn’t the life they wanted for me; but if it was something that I wanted bad enough I could do it after I graduated. Don’t rush to grow up! College was the greatest experience in my life and when you graduate you are 20-21 years old. By that time, you know yourself, never give up on your craft, but do it when you feel like you’re mentally ready and don’t give up. Then use your resources, you have the internet, how do you think Justin Beiber got noticed? If it’s something that you really want to do become friends with the other musicians in your town, network, and really work on it. Don’t just sit there and say it’s something you want to do, just do it! And go to college, go to Arizona State! It’s the best time ever! (We laugh)

Last one; what would you like to say to the readers and fans out there?

Thank you so much for speaking with me, and listening, and I hope I get to meet everyone out there! My Instagram, my Twitter, my website, it’s all Ashley Allen; I run all of it and I like talking to everyone! It’s why I need a new phone, mine dies all the time!

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