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Exclusive Interview with Qeric Koten - Inventor of The QuadraClicks Mouse

The QuadraClicks Mouses are beautifully designed, and its functions inventively powerful. It is the first time since the history of computers that someone has ever created something this bizarre and useful! 

(Inventor: Qeric Koten)
The QuadraClicks Mouses are beautifully designed, and its functions inventively powerful. It is the first time since the history of computers that someone has ever created something this bizarre and useful! (Inventor: Qeric Koten)
Qeric Koten

Spring Lee, Examiner- I’m with Qeric Koten today. He is a gamer, designing professional and an inventor who is based in Moreno Valley, Riverside, California.

This is Qeric Koten; an amazingly talented, funny and inspiring gamer/inventor that is about to rock the gaming and technological world with his latest invention,  "The QuadraClicks Mouse."
Qeric Koten

I am simply astounded by his newest invention, and I believe that you will be too. It is the QuadraClicks Mouse, and and this is something we have never seen before. I have persuaded this smart, funny and very talented 28 year old gamer to sit down for a short interview. Here's a glimpse into how it went.

Question: So, Eric with a Q, tell us, where did this idea come from?

Qeric: Well, I'm a designer and a gamer, more of the latter really (chuckles). The idea came to me when I was driving to Los Angeles one morning, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, and I couldn't help but think to myself, “what if I designed a mouse that could use the returning action as a click, voluntarily?” Wouldn't that be far more convenient than trying to press extra buttons next to the two already dominant left and right click? Also, I was a hare breeder back in high school, wasn't very successful at it, but it was quite a fun experience and hence the looks.

Question: Did you sell your rabbits to meat farms?

Qeric: Oh no, of course not!! I sold them to pet stores, but most of them were given away to people as pets.

Question: That’s comforting to know. Are you planning to make the QuadraClicks mouse available to public?

Qeric: Yes, I would like to, given the right circumstances and things, sure. Bringing a new product to market, especially a new concept to market is very expensive. As for the moment, I have talked to some buyers that have showed interest, but I don't have the finance in place yet.

Question: Since we're at it, why don't you tell us how the QuadraClicks works?

Qeric: Yeah, sure. QuadraClicks is the ultimate efficiency booster for gamers, designers, architect and engineers. So, think about this, without having to move your fingers around is one aspect, having embedded hot-keys with the UpClick is another.

As a designer, I configured my personal QuadraClicks Mouse to have multiple design software hotkeys. The library recognizes the software I’m using, and loads a list of my preset commands on the right UpClick (Left Upclick for the lefties) There's like 500 hotkeys for Photoshop, but I usually only uses around 8 or 9.

So I preset & save my favorite ones in there, when needed, one Upclick brings out my personalized hotkey menu, then I just take from that. And as for gaming, I have it preset for each game I play.

For example, with league of legends, I use my left Upclick for Q, which is usually the primary skill-shot, and Right Upclick for F, which is usually ignite. It’s as simply as aiming & then just click.

For first person shooting types of games, I usually preset my left Upclick to Space which is usually jump; left Downclick to fire, right Downclick to Ctrl which is usually crawl, and right Upclick for R which is usually reload. This way my left hand only does the movements.

QuadraClicks can help you maximize your gaming experience!

Question: Awesome, so what are your downsides?

Qeric: As you may already know, when gamers get older, our reflexes suffer...(chuckles), but I've seen solid improvements, still owning on games like League of Legends like a boss, since it's more of a strategy-to-action skill based game, and the QuadraClicks mouse, too.

Question: Do you want to talk about your gaming strategies?

Qeric: Not really, I actually lose more often than I win. It's just the nature of the game, especially when you go solo random as much as I have. You see that pile of broken laptops?

Question: Yeah, tell me about them?

Qeric: Umm... let's save that for another interview on topics like "how gamer-rage actually drives the economy”?

This concludes the exclusive sneak peek into our interview with Qeric Koten, but if you'd like to know more about "The QuadraClicks Mouse" or talk to Qeric Koten, you can email him at

You can find out more at

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