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Exclusive Interview with Musician Tim Piper

Tim Piper in Just Imagine.
Tim Piper in Just Imagine.
Sal Gomez

Tim Piper's new song titled "The Shot Heard Round The World" is a reverent and fun pop flavored love letter to the Beatles first appearance on U.S. television 50 years ago this year. It is a moment in time that still reverberates through our musical and cultural lives to this day...and for years to some. Yet it seemed to this writer that many of you readers may not be too familiar with Tim Piper the actor or Tim Piper the musician. So in place of a detailed biography I can tell you that Mr Piper has been a lifelong musician and equally long Beatles fan and self described historian of Lennon and McCartney music. Over the last several years Tim has played John Lennon in several incarnations on Lennon's life, the most recent being a live stage show "rockumentary" called JUST IMAGINE.

I recent took some time from Mr Piper's busy schedule to ask him a handful of questions I felt might help me introduce Tim Piper to my readers.

SG) Tim, your new single "The Shot Heard Round The World" is a wonderful tribute to the Beatles and their splash appearance on U.S. television 50 years ago. How long has the idea for this song been in the works?

TP) The actual song popped into my head during the holidays preceding the anniversary. A lot of changes happened on a personal level and I was in a bit of a depression when I started to reflect on where I am now vs. where I was then, hence "Fifty years and counting, though it seems like yesterday".

SG) From what I know about you, the Piper family has music in their blood. And on this new track your brother Greg plays and sings as well. How long has this been a family affair?

TP) Greg and I had a mother and grandmother who always played the piano as we romped around as kids. We played in school bands and orchestras and with the advent of rock and pop music we picked up guitars and eventually took over the garage forming our own bands. After a summer of performing professionally with our entire family in a melodrama spoof in Vail, Colorado we returned to L.A. with a vengeance playing everything we could from backyard parties to schools, fraternities to clubs, eventually creating entertainment that would tour the nation and then the world.

SG) How much of an influence over the years did performing John Lennon material and playing Lennon/McCartney music have on your song writing style...or does it?

TP) Of course it does - not to say that I'm trying to recreate what I think Lennon or McCartney would write like (because I think that is the 'kiss of death') as there only will be one Lennon/McCartney. But they are a part of my DNA as is all the music I grew up with from Broadway to Bowie, The Raspberries to Mott the Hoople, Badfinger to The Pretenders and so on. I can't fight what I am and what comes out, comes out.

SG) What is the one thing you can share with our readers about Tim Piper that might surprise them?

TP) Other than the fact that I came from another planet, have an insatiable appetite for Mexican food and believe that women really hold the power in this world, I think with me it's pretty much 'what you see is what you get'.

SG) One last question. Based on what we hear on this new song I can only imagine how many more great songs you have waiting in the wings. Will we hear more original music from Tim Piper in the future?

TP) I have at least an album's worth that I've been sitting on for some time now which I've just started to record with other ideas floating around so I will say a definite, "yes"...thanks!

So there you have it. You can hear Tim Piper's new song directly on his website and there are links there to purchase the song. Visit And call or write to your local radio stations and tell them you want to hear "The Shot Heard Round The World" on their airwaves.

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