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Exclusive interview with Momma Dee: The queen has spoken

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Momma Dee's popularity on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is at an all time high. She is notorious for keeping tabs on her son Lil' Scrappy and his women. Momma Dee has a lot of new projects to talk about and even has a new man in her life. On Friday, Examiner had a chance to chat with the queen herself. Check out what Momma Dee had to say.

On her relationship with Brian McKee

Momma Dee recently posted some pictures to Twitter and Instagram of herself with Brian McKee. She proclaimed him to be her king and it really set tongues wagging. So I asked Momma Dee if she was serious about Brian being her king and she confirmed that she wasn't just messing around on social media, the two are dating. Don't expect to see Brian on upcoming "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" episodes though. Despite many fans worried that Brian is using Momma Dee for a come up, she assures me this is not the case.

On Lil' Scrappy and his female problems

Lil' Scrappy seems to always have drama in the woman department. This season we've seen him go back and forth with current girlfriend Bambi and dealing with drama from his friend Erica Pinkett. Of course Shay Johnson has always been in the picture as well. So I asked Momma Dee which of the women were her favorite and she said, "I've had the pleasure of getting to know all of the above and they are all beautiful, heartfelt young ladies." However she did confirm that she really likes Bambi and if she had to choose a woman for Scrappy, that's who it would be.

"All three of those young ladies...have the upmost respect for me. they are very mannerable. You can tell they were raised by good women and they have a loving heart for Scrappy. But Erica Dixon...that b*tch is shady. I don't trust her. She tries to drag my son and uses my granddaughter to do it."

Momma Dee explained how she made up with Erica Dixon recently. Then when they were together at the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show, Erica came for her. It'll definitely be worth watching to see Momma Dee shut that right down.

I asked Momma Dee to play some word association with me and she agreed so I asked her to tell me the first thing that popped into her head when I named each of Scrappy's women. When said Erica Pinkett, she said, "Beautiful Swan." Erica Dixon however is the "goose that laid a bad egg." Shay Johnson was described as a "diamond in the rough" and Bambi is a "princess." Was that a little hint? I'm still not sure but it looks like she is pretty happy to welcome Bambi into the palace.

On Momma Dee meddling with Lil' Scrappy's love life

Momma Dee is known for keeping involved in her son Lil' Scrappy's love life. Recently Scrappy even offered to buy her a scooter if she would back off a bit. For the record, Momma Dee still doesn't have her scooter and she's hoping to have it before her birthday. As a matter of fact Lil' Scrappy, you better get to scooter shopping because Momma Dee says "somebody may be dethroned." She says "Women can come and go out of your life but it's death do you part with your kids." That is absolutely right and we certainly can't wait to see Momma Dee cruising on her new scooter.

All three of those young ladies...have the upmost respect for me. they are very mannerable. You can tell they were raised by good women and they have a loving heart for Scrappy. But Erica Dixon...that b*tch is shady. I don't trust her. She tries to drag my son and uses my granddaughter to do it.

On the drama at the Nickelodeon Resort

Momma Dee and Lil' Scrappy recently took a family trip to the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando and feel they experienced racism when Scrappy's daugher Emani and other minority children were overlooked during three different games in the resort pool. She said the hosts would choose children but they were always Caucasian despite a pretty diverse group of kids in the pool. After three rounds of this nonsense, Lil' Scrappy and Momma Dee decided to say something about it. Nickelodeon has since responded and says they do not discriminate. Hopefully their selection process will be changed now that Momma Dee and Scrappy have brought this situation up.

Momma Dee's upcoming projects

Momma Dee doesn't just stop with "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." She has developed her own brand and has many other projects in the works. Her birthday is coming up on September 21 and to celebrate, she is hosting a "Shoot Fit for a Queen." This will be quite an event where 12 models will be selected by Momma Dee herself to receive hair and makeup, a photo shoot by Scott Church. They will also be featured in The Source and will celebrate Momma Dee's birthday partying it up VIP style in Miami.

Did you know Momma Dee can sing? She has a new song coming out called "I Deserve" and it's definitely worth a listen. She sung a few bars for me and Momma Dee has a beautiful voice. She says the song was born from her many struggles coming up in a dysfunctional household. She will be performing it for "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans during the upcoming reunion show.

Momma Dee also has a new clothing line coming out called The Queen Collection. She says she wanted to make a line of clothing for young women that would make them look beautiful and sexy without exposing too much skin. The models from her photo shoot will be featured in promotional materials for this upcoming clothing line.

In addition, Momma Dee has a celebrity basketball game coming up on August 16. She will be an assistant coach for one team and Keisha Cole's mom Frankie is coaching the other team. According to Momma Dee, this game is worth watching because you never know what might happen.

Momma Dee stars on the VH1 reality TV hit "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" which airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. As the season winds down, be sure to watch because there will be plenty of drama as always and some of it might be pretty shocking.