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Exclusive interview with Mime Game: "More than anything, it's about the music."

Dillion DeVoe of Mime Game shared with Alexa Spieler of, “We will sweat and bleed and play out every ounce of energy that we have and then we will get up on stage and we will do it again...”
Dillion DeVoe of Mime Game shared with Alexa Spieler of, “We will sweat and bleed and play out every ounce of energy that we have and then we will get up on stage and we will do it again...”
Mime Game

While preparing to captive South by Southwest (SXSW) for the second year in the row, Dillion DeVoe of Mime Game chatted with, to discuss the band's plans to make themselves standout amidst the festival environment; why Mime Game decided to return to SXSW; and the band's plans for the remainder of 2014. At SXSW, Mime Game will be performing at two showcases on March 14th. The SXSW showcases for Mime Game are as follows: March 14th at 6pm - Music Saves Lives Showcase - Firehouse Lounge (605 Brazos St.); Fri. March 14th - 7pm - Tapasitas (800 W 6th St.).

AS: Thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions! Could you please begin by introducing yourselves?

Dillion DeVoe: It is our honor to be able to do so! My name is Dillon DeVoe and we are Mime Game. Mime Game consists of:

Dillon DeVoe - Guitar and Vocals
Dalton Gomez - Lead Guitar
Chris Bradley - Bass
Duncan Burnett - Drums

Each one of us is a pretty unique individual with quite a bit going on in our lives. Duncan has a rap project and he produces as well. I also produce and I have a six month old child and I write all the music and lyrics for our band. Dalton is a brilliant photographer and graphic designer. And Chris Bradley could probably wire an entire movie theatre while not even blinking and making you laugh your ass off the whole time. The group is very diverse and very different than most bands.

AS: You’ll be performing at two SXSW showcases this year. With the various bands performing and several sets going on, how do you plan on making Mime Game’s set stand out?

DD: We tend to bring the music and the energy and just let that speak for itself and forgo a lot of the theatrics and smoke and mirrors. About the flashiest thing I ever do is sing through my guitar. Duncan's drumming really draws people in because he is quite simply one of the best. More than anything though, it's about the music. We will sweat and bleed and play out every ounce of energy that we have and then we will get up on stage and we will do it again, but if the songs suck then it's just not fun and it's a pretty worthless and shallow experience. We aim to have depth in place of surface attraction so that you know when you leave one of our shows you feel enlightened and not just cheap and dirty with a temporary fix.

AS: Versus the other sets occurring, why do you believe SXSW attenders should check out Mime Game’s sets?

DD: We're absolutely insane, but we won't lean on that like a crutch. We don't ask you to come and see us hang from the rafters and spit blood lit cigarettes. We're about the music. And I'm not claiming to be as crazy as the singer from Letter Kills, but we will bring the energy and make you dance and give you chills and all of that. The goal is to tear down your walls and leave you smiling from ear to ear. You can even cry if you want, we won't judge.

AS: This also isn’t your first time performing at SXSW, as Mime Game performed there last year, as well. What about SXSW made you want to come back this year, and how do you, in general, feel about the atmosphere/environment a festival like SXSW creates?

DD: I think that SXSW is incredible! I feel really bad for my friends who live in Austin who have to work and carry on with business as usual in the hustle and bustle and traffic for the duration of the festival but I don't live there and I'm absolutely thrilled for the networking experience and getting to play in front of so many music lovers and industry people alike. We come back every year to see our exasperated friends and to partake in the madness that is SXSW and I think everyone kind of knows what they're getting themselves into. People are there to make a ruckus and get signed and get drunk and to find bands to manage or sign or just enjoy their music, but the vibe is palpable. People are really just there to enjoy the music and the experience, whether or not they are in the industry, and I can never argue with that.

AS: Back in 2007, Mime Game started as a side-project. Looking back, can you pinpoint a particular moment that signified Mime Game becoming more than a side-project or a moment that made you realize that you wanted Mime Game to be more than a side-project?

DD: I always knew that I wanted MG to be a full band because I loved the music I was writing and I knew what it could be if the project was given the proper attention and love. I recorded a lot and made some new friends after Josephine Collective broke up and then withdrew and stayed isolated a lot after that and all the while, I just kept writing. We've had a lot of different members who were incredibly confident players and made for incredibly competent renditions of this band but it's never really felt like a band without limits until Duncan joined and we found our rhythm, so to speak.

AS: Since forming as a side-project in 2007, the band has performed at SXSW, toured throughout the country, and has shared the stage with the likes of Go Radio and The Dangerous Summer. To this day, what achievement would you say that you’re most proud of?

DD: Finding my people. This band now feels like a family and that kind of support is what you need to make sure that you stay sane in the face of your successes and failures. I can't wait for all the accolades and to be operating at a level that will sustain our lives and make it so that I can provide for my beautiful son in the way that I want to, but without my friends who've become my chosen family, I would have fallen apart long before I even had the opportunity.

AS: After the SXSW performances, what can we expect next from Mime Game?

DD: We've got a record to make! I've been personally writing such a massive body of work over the past seven years and I STILL haven't released a full-length for this project. We also have a tour with Analog Rebellion this June. It's time for us to get really serious so that's exactly what we're doing.

AS: Again, thank you for taking the time out! Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and / or to anyone who’s yet to check out Mime Game?

DD: The kinds of experiences I've lived through, with this incredible team of people helping me deliver these stories, I really think we have something to share with everyone that can enrich their lives and leave them feeling better and happier and more free than they had been before their experience with Mime Game.

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