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EXCLUSIVE Interview with LA KISS Quarterback Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia playing for the Jacksonville Sharks
courtesy of LA KISS Football

Los Angeles KISS, some drastic changes to the roster this week and today, we got a few questions answered by the new leader and quarterback for the team Aaron Garcia. He goes into depth about his role with the team and how Head Coach Bob McMillen and him clicked before and will click again. Blessed with a big arm and great mobility, I'm sure LA KISS fans are itching to see him get his chance on the field and change the season for the better.

You’re Northern California born in Sacramento so how do you plan to get comfortable in Los Angeles??

I feel a lot better being close enough to know that if I need to get home, I can do it in a hurry. I’ve been in so many different places, I think I’ve played in 9 or 10 different cities so to be able to be here with family, I’m excited.

You had your first practice with the team today, right? How do you feel being in practice, and are you clicking with the offensive line already?

I think it was good, you never know until a game situation, but I feel good. You know you kind of worry coming in at 2-6 about what the morale is going to be like and how the guys are going to be getting along and I feel like for the most part there’s good chemistry and a good relationship between the coaches and players. I didn’t feel like there was a lot of finger pointing or anything like that so that’s a good start.

Has Coach McMillen discussed anything in regards to this week’s game against the Power and if you will be taking over as the new leader of the team?

We haven’t really talked about it. We played together so he knows that’s what I do and I think that was kind of an unsaid expectation. I’m too old to change for anybody. That’s what I’m going to do [be the leader of the team] and hopefully that’s the missing piece and we can turn this thing around.

This may be a little too early to ask as your bags are probably not even unpacked yet. But, do you see any problems that you or the team needs to get handled before Saturday?

I think we’re just going to have to continue to communicate. We changed a lot today. I have a system that I’ve been running for 18 years, and the LA KISS has a system they’ve been running for eight weeks, so we need to mesh those together as best as we can. The main thing is going out there this Saturday and everybody being on the same page. That allows us to let our talent speak for itself. Being out there confused and trying to think on the field, you’re not going to be successful.

Let's talk a little bit about this trade that was made. When did you get the news and how did you feel?

Honestly I was thinking I was retiring. I was going on job interviews and I was thinking about going back to college so when this came up, this was probably the only situation that would have gotten me out of that just because it is so close to home and I feel like I can do some things that I need to do and still look at a future outside of football while I’m enjoying this season; whether it’s my last or not.

What happened with the Sharks the second time around? What was different?

That was three years ago, the kids were younger. My daughter right now is looking at colleges and boys are starting to come in the picture so dynamics have changed. When I was there I wasn’t making a lot of money, but the quest for the championship was kind of the drive and force. I pretty much made a promise and said that I wasn’t going to leave again and be all the way across the country and doing that initially was kind of breaking that promise so a lot of people probably thought it was hard, but it really wasn’t that hard of a decision when I decided to come home. So now to be here made that a lot easier to try and do both.

What changed your mind in regards to the rumors of you calling it a career?

The idea that I was physically still able to perform was probably the hardest part of retiring. The hard thing at my age is that I go into a lot of situations where coaches are a little intimidated because of everything that I’ve done or seen and knowing Bob and the relationship that we have, I knew that wasn’t going to be a factor. I know his ego isn’t going to be a factor; my ego’s not going to be a factor. We’re just going to try and do this thing together and obviously he wants to have more success and I would love to help him do that. I love California, I’m not moving anywhere. I’ve lived in ten different cities and I’m always going to come back so to be able to be here is key to making a comeback.

What can we expect to see from you on the field with KISS and what are you looking forward to the most?

I think the biggest thing you’re going to see is that I’m going to fight. I’ll have a certain attitude and expectation of myself first and my teammates also. That won’t change throughout the year - I’m going to be out here and work hard every day. There’s a lot of work to do definitely, but the idea and opportunity that we have to turn this thing around in front of a great group of fans and a great organization with great ownership to me, it’s a blessing.

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