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Exclusive interview with hybrid rockers Dorydrive frontman Mathieu Nevitt

Dorydrive is a band with a new album about to drop on February 25th that will be impacting the airwaves rapidly in this writers estimation. The band has had a fast rise already forming in 2010 and already having played with the likes of Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Pop Evil, Adelita’s Way and many more. With a sound that screams to be heard and the drive to reach for the stars, Dorydrive is poised to have a huge year.

Here's To You by Dorydrive cover art
Unknown, various sources

They had some success before banding together with vocalist Mathieu Nevitt fronting Atlanta’s (Rock Ridge/Warner) Echoslave and Milwaulkee, WI powers Marashino’s Joey Zak, Tom’e LaBrosse, Henry Koller, and Nicholas Mendini. The base was there.

The songs are pure active rock station gems from the opening riffs of ‘Radiate’ to the final sounds of ‘Your Gravity’ with perfect musicianship and vocal prowess displayed throughout. You can check out the bands video for ‘Paramour’ by clicking play on the attached video link, then call your local radio stations and tell them to play Dorydrive today.

Take a few minutes and read my interview with frontman Mathieu below, we chatted as the band traveled after all the ice in the south threw some dates off, check out the links, and get your music fix with Dorydrive.

"Here’s To You" by Dorydrive tracklist:

  1. Radiate
  2. Paramour
  3. Here’s To You
  4. Tattooed
  5. Perfect Chemical
  6. When The Lights Burn Out
  7. Take Me
  8. Better Part of Me
  9. Never Easy
  10. Dance Baby Dance
  11. All The Same
  12. Your Gravity




Reverb Nation:


Interview with vocalist Mathieu Nevitt

Can you tell me how the band originally got together and started? I know you guys are from different areas and were doing pretty good anyway, right?

Mathieu: Yeah, we were. It’s kind of a long story but basically we took the name of the band from the name of the street that the studio was on in Nashville. It came time to name it and it made sense so that is where it came from.

The band almost immediately started playing with such legends as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and newer acts like Adelita’s Way and Pop Evil; how did such a fast start come about?

Mathieu: You know what; we already had some high interest in the project before so we had garnered relationships across the U.S. with promoters and buyers. Once word got out that we had formed a band together based on our previous projects, the interest was there! We were lucky enough to take that and run with it. In this day and age it’s just almost impossible to get a baby band up and running, the economy just isn’t there.

The band has since signed on with First Launch Records and your new album ‘Here’s To You’ is nearing it’s release, can you first talk about going from indie to signed and what it has changed if anything?

Mathieu: I don’t feel anything has changed internally with the band. We have a lot more opportunities being offered to us and we have to capitalize on that as a band. So honestly, I would say just the opportunities that are being presented to us at the moment.

Now let’s get to the new stuff, I’ll be honest, it really is a great CD and I have heard it all; can you talk about the new album and your sound? You are kind of tabbed as a hybrid country rock pop band.

Mathieu: Absolutely! The span of the last two years are really what the album is all about and the songs that made the cut. We worked with two different producers and two different ways of recording, so that’s always fun. It’s a challenge regardless just going to the studio let alone working with two different producers. We feel that the album is a good representation of where we are at right now, we had fun making the album.

Awesome well-rounded album and I’m not sure what I can really say yet but you have the melodic rockers like ‘Paramour’ and ‘Perfect Chemical’ to some really great ballad work with ‘When The Lights Burn Out’, what are some of your immediate plays for someone that has never heard the band?

Mathieu: I think we all agree that ‘Perfect Chemical’ is a hidden gem and we hope it gets its life and radio play. Honestly, I think you nailed it! “Paramour” is great for radio play and maybe even movies and things of that nature. When you mentioned “When The Lights Burn Out”, it was a departure for us on the album and it fills out the album.

See, I do pay attention and do my homework otherwise I sound like an idiot!

Mathieu: (we laugh) You know and I do these interviews all the time, you can tell when someone takes the time to appreciate your craft, it really means a lot and I thank you for that!

You have a video for Paramour, can you talk about the song and the video?

Mathieu: The song, the origin of that song; I was playing around with the lyrics to go with the whole vampire craze going around and it just wasn’t working, it was too dark, so we called it a night, had a couple of drinks and went to bed. I woke up a couple of hours later about 5 a.m. and woke everybody up and we went at it and wrote what is ‘Paramour’ now. Really, it’s a fun song.

‘Paramour’ by definition is an illicit lover, someone you should not have and covet. It is in essence a love song. Years back and trying to harness my own relationship and kind of not being the right thing to do but not caring at the same time. The human wants what it wants type of thing.

Are there more videos planned?

Mathieu: We do! We are just trying to work out who is premiering it and all that. We do have “Here’s To You” finished, that was fun video and we have a good start on “Radiate” which was going to be the first single until we went back into the studio and recorded like three more songs and everyone was like ‘Oh man, we have to figure this out!’. The label felt that ‘Here’s To You’ with it’s content and everything was in our best interest. Being able to push in active rock right now is important and and seeing if the active rock ear if it’s accepted. We are seeing that it is having an impact in these last two weeks.

So with so much about to happen; what are the bands plans for this year? Any tours lined-up yet or festivals?

Mathieu: Right now, we are booked out through March, which is awesome. We have a meeting with our agency ‘313’ this week with the label and we just had a phone call that it is really being picked up in Texas right now. The plan is just keep following the single and getting notoriety as much as we can.

Last famous question that everyone likes to ask, is there anything that you would like to say to the readers and fans out there?

Mathieu: Keep following us. We will be working our tails off this year and we are thankful of our fans that have stuck with us these years. For the new fans, Dorydrive, check us out on Facebook, give the page a like, Twitter, follow us! The record drops on February 25th and we are pretty excited about that! I appreciate you taking the time for this interview and look forward to us doing it again.

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