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Exclusive interview with HSN jewelry designer Daniela Swaebe

Daniela Swaebe Fashion Jewelry
Daniela Swaebe Fashion Jewelry

Today on Feb. 15, is excited to share our exclusive interview with Daniela Swaebe who has a namesake jewelry collection on HSN. We caught up with her at the HSN's pop-up lounge at the Empire Hotel.

HSN jewelry designer Daniela Swaebe
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Swaebe's HSN collection is very affordable and classic with pieces that are versatile, which takes the guesswork out of how to accessorize in the morning. The quality of the gems are very good as Daniela Swaebe has a background in the fine jewelry world and the jewelry has an expensive feel to them. The gems are very well cut and clear and give off a subtle sparkle. Most of the bracelets are adjustable and are very pliable to fit different sizes, which is great. The collection also has some very powerful black and gold pieces which mingle with the delicate classic jewels.

What was inspiration for this collection?

It’s a spring inspired collection, so I love color, and since I am from the fine jewelry world, I love gems. So I really wanted to pay homage to all the gems that I’ve worked with in my past years as you can see with the candy rings, and necklaces. There are also some subtle and more simple understated pieces as well.

How would you describe your jewelry collection?

I’m contemporary and classic with a boho touch. As you can see with the gems some are very classic simple necklaces and the rope detail and the hanging hints boho. There is a boho flair in some of the pieces, but it's mostly classic.

Are your pieces adjustable to different sizes?

Yes some of the bangles are adjustable as you can see, the gold cuffs bend, and the silver bracelets overlap in the back to allow for adjustments. Everything is very pliable.

Did you have to search far and wide to find the perfect medium to make the gems?

We have factories that we work with for more specifications and do quality control. We try to work with people that use the hardiest materials and take care of the cut, for the vibrancy and the facets. If the gems are too flat, there is no life. We look very hard to make sure it's not a look, it’s a feel. The jewelry has a good weight to it.

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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